Spin The Bottle Game

Spin The Bottle Game

Everyone probably has their own version of the Spin The Bottle Game, but in case you don't, here is how to play.

The teen party games below were submitted by visitors so if you have a a different version of this game or in fact any other birthday party game, then why not SUBMIT IT. The best ones gets published on this website!

Classic Spin The Bottle Game

What you Need :

How to Play :
Everybody sits in a circle and the host of the party spins the bottle in the middle of the circle. Whomever the bottle points to has to then tell their craziest and darkest secret to the group. Everything said at the party must not leave the room though so as to keep the players from feeling uncomfortable.(:
Submitted by: Michelle

A Twist to the Game

This game is best played when you have a group of boys and girls. You will need two bottles.
What you do is have the boys and girls decide on a type of dare that involves both genders (ex: They must dance together or they must do a funny marriage proposal to So-and-so). Then the girls form a circle and spin the bottle, the boys do the same. Then whoever the bottle end points at, those two people must do the dare. 
Submitted by: Renee.V

Another Version of the Game


Equipment: Empty plastic bottle, pen, paper, two bowls

This game seems to be the 'in' party game for the tween age group at the moment.

Write all the names of the kids on separate pieces of paper and place these into the two bowls – one bowl for the boys names and one for the girls. Sit all the kids in a circle with the bottle and two bowls in the middle.

A chosen player spins the bottle and waits for it to stop and point to someone. If it points to a boy then he must draw a name from the 'girl' bowl and vice versa – no peeping!

The next bit is the fun bit. The boy and girl pair then has to quickly stand in the center of the circle and have five seconds to give each other a hug. If they fail to do it within the five seconds, they have another five seconds but this time they have to kiss each other on the hand. If they fail again then this progresses to a kiss on the cheek. If they fail altogether then they have to do a dare decided upon by the other players.

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