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Here is a great party idea sent to us from Wendy in Florida:

Black and White Party 13 Year Old 

Black and White Party

OK I told everyone to come to my party dressed black, white or gray. 

The party was in my backyard. I was the only one dressed in hot pink. Even though people went fancy everyone danced the night away. 

I even had a hot pink colored cake and decorations!

We stayed up until 2 in the morning partying. I had 3 best friends sleepover and watch a scary movie. 

This Party was a lot of fun and its pretty cheap. Not your typical party. 

Good luck ! (:

Here is another great idea for a Topsy Turvey theme. It would go great with a topsy turvey cake.

Topsy Turvey Party for 11 year old

A 'Topsy Turvy' party is a great opportunity to wear your favourite odd socks, inside out hat, even back to front shirt. 

I think dress-up parties are great fun for the kids, although I struggled trying to find games related to this topic. So we played normal party games like musical statues and pass the parcel. 

For the invitations we simply put a picture of Mr Topsy Turvy from Mr Men on the top and the important information under it.

A 'Topsy Turvy' party is a great opportunity to wear your favourite odd socks, inside out hat, even back to front shirt.

These are great party theme ideas. 

Why not submit your party theme and help others by telling them about your favorite kid's party.  It only takes a few minutes and then I'll put your idea up for others to see.

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12 year old Hotel Party 
Hello I'm Ashton I am 12 years old and I had the greatest hotel party ever! First I invited like 30 people - like 20 friends and 10 family members. …

Color Party for 14th  
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Camping Sleepover 
Cake : You will need a green cake, Oreos, candy stones and candles. Get your green cake and place the candy stones on it in a circle, Now brake …

Hollywood/Oscars party for a 8-15 year old  
My party for the Oscars went great! Food and drinks were easy, we got candy and made shiska bobs with the candy and had cheese and peperoni pizza. We also …

Hotel Party-13 year olds 
For my 13th birthday I had a hotel party. This party can be for almost any age but the younger the age gets, the greater chance you have of getting kicked …

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Last year for my daughters 7th birthday we did a princess theme party. I took an old refrigerator box and made it into a castle, with window cut out, …

12 Year Old Birthday Party 
For my 12th birthday I had everybody come dressed as their favourite celebrity. They also had to prepare a small performance that had to do with the …

Shopping Hunt for a Teenager 
I arranged a treasure hunt round various shops for my daughter and her friends to solve clues and collect goods I had paid for and left for them - including …

Sleepover Birthday Party 
This year for my 12th i am having a small sleepover birthday party. 3 of my bff's coming. We are watching movies for a bit of the night then going …

Beach Theme for 12-14 year olds 
You can go to the beach with 6-9 friends if your party is on a warm, summer day. Pack a picnic for lunch and buy ice-cream for everyone. For invites …

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Well I'm putting together my own sweet 13 candy themed party. There will be tons of candy and candy-like games. This will be massively fun and u have …

Murder mystery for 13 year old 
I have always had a reputation for great parties, so last year I chose a murder mystery party. Every thing went off great, mum and I ordered a package …

Chocolate Theme - Age 14 
For my 14th birthday party,I had 5 of my friends come round to my house for a chocolate fondue party. Me and my best friend went to my house to set …

(with the Jonas Brothers!)
OK, for my 13th birthday (which was a few days ago) I REALLY wanted to have a dance party. So we rented a DJ, rented a restaurant, (it had a banquet …

Cafe Party 13 Year Old Girl 
I was looking for something unique for my 13th birthday party! Something that will stay in the minds of my guests forever! I thought of a Cafe Themed …

Thirteenth Birthday Bash! 
For my thirteenth, which was last year, my Dad rented a massive hall right in the middle of London. I invited 64 people and only one person didn't …

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13th birthday!!!!!!! 
For my 13th birthday I went roller skating!! I invinted 15 people to come to the roller rink and celebrate my birthday!! The cool thing was that all 15 …

13 years old 
For my 13th Birthday I had 5 of my best friends round. We had a buffet with all the bits and pieces. We danced to CD's they brought with them, did a makeover, …

Kid's Fashion Birthday Party 
My party I did for my little sister was a fashion birthday party. I dressed her and all her friends in nice dresses and I did their makeup and hair. …

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