Pink 13th Party Awards

by Renee
(Sydney Australia)

For my 13th I had a Pink Carpet Awards theme.

Everything was pink and we even got a pink carpet! Everyone came wearing pink and we had voting ballots for best dressed etc....

All the games and prizes were related to the colour pink! It was awesome!

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Jun 09, 2010
the party
by: lexi

I think everybody should dress up as thier favorite movie star and dress in pink.

Jun 09, 2010
The party
by: Angel

Don"t you think you should play some games and entertain the guest.Also you should have servers to serve food and drinks because thats a pink party awards.But I love the idea.After the awards you should invite some of the friends (at the party of course) to spin the night and laugh,play watch movies,and stay up all night.I think I will do this for my 10th birthday!!!

Sep 26, 2009
by: Balou

I would recmmend the clolor orange because my favorite color is orange... and the color isnt too kidish or too adultish. I would reccomend Orange

May 10, 2009
gd gd
by: Anonymous

suh a gd idea

Apr 19, 2009
by: katie

it's ok but mine would have to be blue cos some of me friends are boys. but as long as you had a good day that what matters

Feb 18, 2009
by: Anonymous

It sounds fab, but how did u get all da pink stuff?

Feb 06, 2009
by: Anonymous

Hi it sounds like a realy cool idea though i was just wondering if you had guys at your party and how that went down

Nov 04, 2008
by: Anonymous

Sounds like fun! If i didn't do my Cafe Theme i would've done exactly what you did! I <3 the color pink!

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Hawaiian Party For A 13+ Year Old

by Lola

When I turned 13, I wanted to do something with my friends to make it special. So I had a Hawaiian party.

Me and my friends had to come dressed in a grass skirt, skimpy top (or bikini top) with a flower garland round our neck. We had a bouncy castle and a paddling pool, and partied until 11:30 with our music blasting out in the garden. It was great fun!

Accessories included:
> Hawaiian Cardboard Cups (factory shop, £1 for 14)
> Hawaiian Birthday Banner (factory shop, £2)
> A Piñata of a Sombrero (factory shop, £10)
> Lots of Balloons (factory shop, £2 for a pack of 27)

We had food on the outside table, ipods on the ipod speakers and a whole lot of fun.

Food Consisted Of:
> Samosas
> Crisps
> Sausage Rolls
> Spicy Wraps
> Onion Barjis
> Cucumber/Tomatoes
> However it depends on what you and your friends like to eat.

I totally recommend it as we had loads of fun, it was the perfect way to become a teenager with my friends :)

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Little Kids Party for a 13 year old

by Alana

For my 13th birthday I had a regression/little kids themed party. Basically, we played, acted and dressed like we were 2-6 year olds.

Invitations: were cheap, generic sore-bought invitations as seen at many children's parties.

Decorations: I chose the primary colours for my colour theme but it is a personal choice. Balloons, streamers and cartoon posters were the decorations with a few toys scattered around.

Dress: I asked my friends to come dressed up in suitable attire. They came as twin fairies, dressed-up too big high heels, smeared lipstick, over-sized formal dress etc. and in replica party dresses.

Food: Sausage rolls and party pies, cheerios, ham sandwiches, fairy bread, lollies, biscuits and cupcakes.

Drinks: Wiggles poppers and Thomas the Tank Engine flavoured milk.

Activities: Pass the Parcel, Musical Chairs, Pin the Tail on the Donkey, Statues, Finger Painting, Colouring in, Boardgames, Tiggy, Hide and Seek, cartoon movie.

Favours: Small trinkets from the party supply store plastic sunnies, yoyo's, small stuffed toys, crayons, plastic bracelets etc.

Overall my party was so much fun with heaps of tantrums! I hope you enjoy your party as much as I enjoyed mine.

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May 01, 2011
by: Anonymous

why sud u have a kids party ur 13 dont wasite a inportain birthday doing the same as u did wen u were little

Oct 18, 2009
by: kelly

Hi!! im going to be doing this for my birthday party!!
I cant wait! i am sooooo excited! wat a great idea!! thanx!!! xoxo

Jul 17, 2009
by: Ursala

What are you talking about i do this stuff all the time!;)ha hahaha ha hahahaha ha hahahahahahaha ahahahahahahahahahahaha

Jul 15, 2009
by: Anonymous

That idea was a great one! It sounded like a great party. Although it's not quite the one for me. I'm looking for something more exiting. I'm glad you wrote in because you just gave me a great idea! Thanks!

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