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These fun 13th birthday party ideas were submitted by our readers. Got ideas of your own? Why not submit them?



by Renee
(Sydney Australia)


For my 13th I had a Pink Carpet Awards theme.


Everything was pink and we even got a pink carpet! Everyone came wearing pink and we had voting ballots for best dressed etc....

All the games and prizes were related to the colour pink! It was awesome!


by Lola


When I turned 13, I wanted to do something with my friends to make it special. So I had a Hawaiian party.

Me and my friends had to come dressed in a grass skirt, skimpy top (or bikini top) with a flower garland round our neck. We had a bouncy castle and a paddling pool, and partied until 11:30 with our music blasting out in the garden. It was great fun!


Accessories included:
> Hawaiian Cardboard Cups (factory shop, £1 for 14)
> Hawaiian Birthday Banner (factory shop, £2)
> A Piñata of a Sombrero (factory shop, £10)
> Lots of Balloons (factory shop, £2 for a pack of 27)

We had food on the outside table, ipods on the ipod speakers and a whole lot of fun.


Food Consisted Of:
> Samosas
> Crisps
> Sausage Rolls
> Spicy Wraps
> Onion Barjis
> Cucumber/Tomatoes
> However it depends on what you and your friends like to eat.


I totally recommend it as we had loads of fun, it was the perfect way to become a teenager with my friends 🙂


by Alana


For my 13th birthday I had a regression/little kids themed party. Basically, we played, acted and dressed like we were 2-6 year olds.


Invitations: were cheap, generic sore-bought invitations as seen at many children's parties.


Decorations: I chose the primary colours for my colour theme but it is a personal choice. Balloons, streamers and cartoon posters were the decorations with a few toys scattered around.


Dress: I asked my friends to come dressed up in suitable attire. They came as twin fairies, dressed-up too big high heels, smeared lipstick, over-sized formal dress etc. and in replica party dresses.


Food: Sausage rolls and party pies, cheerios, ham sandwiches, fairy bread, lollies, biscuits and cupcakes.


Drinks: Wiggles poppers and Thomas the Tank Engine flavoured milk.


Activities: Pass the Parcel, Musical Chairs, Pin the Tail on the Donkey, Statues, Finger Painting, Colouring in, Boardgames, Tiggy, Hide and Seek, cartoon movie.


Favours: Small trinkets from the party supply store plastic sunnies, yoyo's, small stuffed toys, crayons, plastic bracelets etc.


Overall my party was so much fun with heaps of tantrums! I hope you enjoy your party as much as I enjoyed mine.


by Danielle


Well I'm putting together my own sweet 13 candy themed party.

There will be tons of candy and candy-like games. This will be massively fun and u have 2 try it out. We have lots of COLORS!! color and candy is important.

U have 2 b creative and look 4 candy-like party games and fun things your guest will think r creative. =)


by Jenna


I have always had a reputation for great parties, so last year I chose a murder mystery party.

Every thing went off great, mum and I ordered a package from the Internet with a list of characters and descriptions. I got to choose who was who but I didn't want to know who the murderer was.


A few days before I stuffed a body which was old clothes and newspaper for the body. The invitations were decorated with police lines and warning it looked really cool.

On the night everyone rocked up like it was some Hollywood party everyone sat down and ate at the table and danced like it was a disco but my dad cut the electricity and played a scream we had recorded. All the girls screamed like crazy and that's when the butler rushed out and revealed the body that had been put in another room.


We spent the rest of the night questioning everyone while laughing at some of the excuses people were given. It was one of the best parties ever and people are still talking about it!

I need to know what I'll do this year it has to be out there and exciting something no one has ever done before. I was thinking of using my Aunt's house who lives on acres to create a haunted forest( i know i sound bad, murder and haunting but really my friends and I enjoy scary movies and all that stuff. You'd never know by the way we scream at the slightest things!)

Any ideas?


by Ashley


I was looking for something unique for my 13th birthday party! Something that will stay in the minds of my guests forever! I thought of a Cafe Themed Party! It was a blast!


We decorated the kitchen to look like a shop. With a poster board menu, free samples, display foods, signs, etc. We dressed up the dining room as the lounge with round tables and a small tables with creamer, sugar, straws, etc. We gave every child $50 fake dollars when they arrived, to buy REAL stuff from the cafe shop!

My room was the "Employees ONLY" room with a Barista Schedule. Every hour each guest got to help be a barista and create cool foods! Barista = the worker at a cafe style shop They got paid $10 fake dollars for more food when they were done!


We had a game area for food-related games! We also added some karaoke because they sometimes have live musicians at cafe shops! We had cheap but good decorations, awesome games, and fun! It was VERY fun, especially making chocolate covered strawberries!

This was a sleepover and in the morning we had each guest buy their breakfast with their fake money. We gave out our party favors in the Starbucks Cardboard cups and bought everyone after-coffee mints!


HINT: If you don't like COFFEE don't turn back! I don't like coffee either. We made it with milkshakes and yummy ice creams, cakes, etc. With Coffee on the menu as well! TRUST ME! This was GREAT party FUN!


by Olivia


OK, for my 13th birthday (which was a few days ago) I REALLY wanted to have a dance party.


So we rented a DJ, rented a restaurant, (it had a banquet hall, and you can save money for food). I had 134 people (co-ed) at my party, and only 4 cancelled because of holidays (they missed out!).
My dad knows a lot of people and pulled a few strings, and got the manager to take us. He even closed the WHOLE restaurant for my exclusive party!

So when everyone got there, there was a HUGE table with TONS of food. While we waited for everyone to get there, we just got in a big group and played truth or dare and spin the bottle (when my parents weren't looking!).


When everyone got there the DJ started playing "Disturbia" by Rhianna (a great dance song!) and that song got everyone dancing. In the middle of the dance, the DJ said "So I hear it's some lucky girl's 13th birthday. Can she come up here please?".

I had no idea what was going to happen so i got up there, and everyone started singing 'Happy Birthday' and then after that, THE BIGGEST SURPRISE OF ALL!......The JONAS BROTHERS walked in the door behind me, and then Nick said "Happy Lucky 13th Birthday Olivia!" and he hugged me and they each kissed me on the cheek!!!! OH MY GOSH! I was screaming and everyone was screaming with me. Then The Jonas Brothers stayed and played ALL their songs till the end of the party.


After, the party (and when the Jo Bros. left) I had all the girls come over to my house to sleep over! HOLY COW IT WAS SOOO MUCH FUN! especially when my parents surprised me with the Jonas Brothers!


by Hannah
(New Jersey, USA)


For my 13th birthday I had a hotel party. This party can be for almost any age but the younger the age gets, the greater chance you have of getting kicked out of the hotel for noise and stuff.


So first I had 60 kids on my invite list but then I added 50 more, which made 110 obviously. My dad rented out the biggest "ballroom" at a local hotel.

I have some really close friends who I wanted to be with me when I made my entrance. So we had a hot pink stretch Escalade limo pick everyone up and drop us off at the hotel. We had a DJ and live entertainment such as Lil Wayne and Britney Spears....I wanted the guys and girls to both have someone they'd enjoy, however, I'm a girl and I love Lil Wayne.


There really wasn't a theme but the colors were various shades of pink and a chocolate brown-I love Juicy Couture and these are the main colors of that. There was a huge dance floor and the DJ and guest singers played many songs. We danced the whole time. Note: you may want to get someone a few years older than the birthday girl/boy and who is well respected by him/her, this way your child doesn't feel like he/she can't dance or have a lot of fun because you're there. The chapperone is there to make sure that everything goes smoothly but there still is fun.

At the start of the party, if you have any ground rules, have the birthday boy/girl or chapperone announce them. The guests will listen better to them than the parents. Some good ground rules are ones such as the following: NO GRINDING (dirty dancing)! NO DRINKING! DO NOT LEAVE THE HOTEL WITHOUT PERMISSION!, etc., etc.


The hotel should probably have a nice menu to choose from. If not, you could always have it catered from somewhere else. Of course we had a cake too. It was a cake in the shape of a Juicy Couture purse. Since I love Juicy, a lot of people-almost everyone-got me something Juicy, which was soooo nice!!!! They all wanted me to open their gifts, so I did. Tip: be a nice hostess; hug and thank everyone after you open their gift, even the guys/girls. I then gave everyone their goodybags. For the guys-ipod touches. For the girls-Juicy purses in different colors and designs. After that,the guys got picked up. I hugged them and thanked them for going to my party and walked them to the door.


As soon as they left, my dad handed me the keys to our suites. We had all of our bags with our clothes and stuff in it for the next day and tonight, and ran to the elevators to takes us to our suites. We got four suites with eight beds and four pull out couches in total. Everyone fought over who would say with who, but we finally got it settled (I only had my best friends stay, not all of the girls who were invited). We all gathered in the extra room-the fifth. This was the party room. We ate and listened to music, talked and played games like truth or dare-not the child version though-and had soooo much fun! This was the best birthday party ever!


We had breakfast the next day at the hotel and everyone got picked up. I wouldn't change anything about this party. I'm so glad I had it!!!!! Good luck party planning! I'm sure whatever you pick will be super fun! Remember: your friends aren't going to the party for the party, they're going for you!!!! Just have fun and have a party based around what you like!


by Lexy
(Louisvlle , KY, USA)


For my 13th birthday I went roller skating!! I invinted 15 people to come to the roller rink and celebrate my birthday!!


The cool thing was that all 15 of the people I invited showed up!! We skated for a while then we took a break to eat cupcakes and Taco Bell.

It was the best party ever!!! after skating, three of my best friends came home and we partied till it was daylight!!!

We danced to music, talk about girl stuff, then we went and raced go-carts on my race track!!


The next day we stayed at my house and watched a movie in my home theater. the girls went home a 5p.m. the next day!


by Brooklyn
(London, UK)


For my thirteenth, which was last year, my Dad rented a massive hall right in the middle of London.

I invited 64 people and only one person didn't show (she was on holiday). We had three massive rooms, one on the far end was where the boys kept all their stuff, the one at the opposite end was for the girls and the big one in the middle was for the acctual partying.


In the boys room was my brother's PS2 and a couple of game machines that we rented. In the girls room we set up a long table with mirrors and loads of make up, hair straighteners and curlers. When the girls had finished dolling up and the boys had got bored of the video games we all went into the main room.

We had a massive disco until 2 in the morning. Then, when we were all dead on our feet we went back into our rooms and set out sleeping bags. (Girl and boys in opposite rooms obviously) Unfortunatly, we didn't all stay in our rooms. The girls and boys sent text messages to each other like 'Send Hannah to the toilets' the boys and girls toilets were next door to each other so the boys challenged a girl to turn up then sent a boy who fancied her to meet up with her. If they were lucky and my dad didn't happen to walk past then they got down to some serious kissing.


It was an amazing night and I almost ended up kissing my brother in the dark! Not funny.

But everyone had a great time and my party was talked about for weeks!