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Teddy Bear party games for great for preschoolers.


Whether it is going on a bear hunt, musical bears or the honey pot toss, these preschool party games are great for getting the kids involved and having fun. Plus they team up perfectly with my teddy bear party theme.


Top Tip: Don't overdo the Teddy bear party games but always have something ready and make sure that there is always some free play time. I find that the younger kids can initially feel shy or anxious at participating so don't force them and always make sure that everyone wins something.


Bees To The Honey Pot

Decorate some small flower pots or buckets to look like honey pots. Make some bees out of small yellow juggling balls onto which you have stuck some eyes and see who can throw the most bees into the pots. You could also use yellow tennis balls but they do tend to bounce all over the place.

Pass The Bear

Rather like pass the parcel but instead the kids pass round a bear. Sit the kids in a circle, put on some music and when the music stops, the child left holding the bear is out but gets a small gift.

Goldilocks Chairs

This is like the traditional musical chairs. Set out a number of chairs, one for each child minus one. Give each child a bear and get them to dance round to some music. When the music stops, they have to rush and put their bear on a chair. The bear that doesn't have a chair is out but they get to choose a small prize so they don't feel left out.


We're Going On A Bear Hunt

Make some large paw prints out of craft paper and put a number on each one. Place them around the garden or house and get the kids to follow the trail in numbered order. When they get to number 10 have a bear sitting there with a bowl of candy or cookies and each child gets to eat one.

Give Teddy A Heart

This is a variation of stick the tail on the donkey. Draw a bear on craft paper and give each child a paper heart with their name on it. Blindfold each child in turn, turn them around a couple of times and see if they can stick their heart on the bear's chest.

Teddy Bear Paws

Sit the kids in a circle and give each one a teddy bear paw made from brown felt. The kids then all place the paw behind them on the floor. Choose someone to be the Teddy bear that is looking for his paw. Sit all the other kids in a circle and the Teddy bear must get up and walk around them until suddenly he grabs one paw. He must then run around the outside of the circle and back to his place before the paw-less person catches him.

Where's Teddy?

This is one of my favorite Teddy bear party games. Have all the kids sit down in a circle with an adult and have another adult outside of the room. Have the children decide where to hide Teddy in the room.

Then the adult outside reenters the room and have to try and find Teddy. If s/he gets close to where the Teddy is hiding, the kids must shout 'bear, bear' but if the adult is not near the bear they must shout 'pooh, pooh'. Once the kids gain confidence, one of them could be the one to try and find the bear.



These teddy bear games will keep the toddlers busy for a while.