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Are you hosting a kid’s celebration? Are you looking for themed party ideas?


This Is Our BEST Party Idea Ever...

Transform your home into an ancient Egyptian tomb! Escape rooms make for an engaging, bonding, magical experience that kids never forget! A DIY escape room game in your own home makes the perfect party-winning option.

Even better, is that hosting an escape room party is dead easy (pun intended) when you use a printable escape room kit. With everything you need to get the party moving (including comprehensive instructions for the first-time escape room host), you just have to download, print, and party. It's that simple!

Groups of players


Kid's themed party ideas will make it easier to plan a kid's birthday celebration because it’s all based around one subject and it feels a lot more organised.

With the thousands of possible theme parties to choose from, your child shouldn’t have any problem picking one they like.

Maybe they are into a special movie, like “Frozen” or “Planes” and would like their event to reflect their favorite characters from that movie. Or maybe they like camping or dinosaurs; you could use that as the theme and build your event around it.

I have many themed party ideas for all ages, from tots to teens to help you organise your event.

I’ve had a LOT of experience at throwing themed parties now that my kids are grown and I have a dozen grandchildren.

Let me help you plan your kid’s themed event.


My Biggest Tip: Don't worry about feeling like everything has to be perfect. Kid's love a celebration no matter how simple or how much time and money you have spent.  An event of any kind is meant to be FUN and yes, you can do it!


So are you looking for some creative themed party ideas for tots and preschool kids, middle school kids, or tweens and teens?

Then take a look below, there's something for all ages of kids.


Preschool Theme Ideas


Preschool theme ideas are very special and exciting for the kids. From 1st birthdays to preschool kids, here are some great theme ideas.

5-10 yr old Kid's Birthday Themes


Elementary Kids have great imaginations, pick out a theme and some games from the pages below and let them add what they would like. You and the festive occasion will be a big hit.

Tweens & Teen Event


Teen and tweens will love these awesome birthday bash ideas and games because most of them are submitted to the site by teen.

Holiday Theme Celebration


Throw a stress free holiday theme celebration. From Easter through to Christmas, it's always great to have a celebration.


Hosting a kid's theme party can get stressful but the key to taking off some of that stress is being as organised as possible on the day of the celebration.

Preparing the food, games, and having the decorations laid out before hand will help make it a little less stressful.

If you ask any child when they leave an event what was their favorite thing about it was, most kids will say it’s a game or activity that they played.

Food and decorations aren’t on the top of kids lists when they think of a celebration. Of course, you will need to have them but I would concentrate more on a couple really good games and activities because that is what the kids will remember most.


If you have had a themed event, we would love to hear about it. Share your themed party ideas with us.