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Birthday party game ideas for kids are all part of having a good birthday. However I know that it can be a bit difficult trying to think up fun and easy, yet original kid's games. Not anymore!



I've done the research, the kids have tried out the games and I've put them here for you to use. These children's games are just waiting to be played!

I find that most birthday parties for kids are much more fun and easier to plan when you have some entertainment up your sleeve.

These group games for kids help fill the time and help to keep the kids organized and in one place, not to mention the FUN factor.


With this age group, the fun of birthday party games really starts. They are generally much more ready to follow rules and enjoy playing in teams. They can get pretty competitive too!

How Many to Play
When choosing easy birthday party games with this age group I generally plan on  a minimum of 3 over a 3 hour period but maybe have one or two extra planned just in case.


What to Play
If you are not sure how boisterous or quiet the kids are going to be, when choosing birthday party games, plan on a mix of active and quieter entertainment so that everyone will feel comfortable. Think also about how much space you have, whether you would prefer to be indoors or outdoors or in teams or play as a group. I find team games work better with kids over the age of 8 whereas the younger ones often prefer to be in a circle.


It is easy to get carried away with rules and other details. However often the simplest kid's games are the most well received. Also don't force kids to play if they don't want to but try and involve them in other ways such as handing out prizes, picking team captains and so on.


Should You Give out Prizes
Let's face it, everyone loves to win a prize whether you are an adult of a child. But we can't win all the time. However it's meant to be fun and so I feel that if you are planning on giving prizes then every child should have a fair chance of winning something. Naturally not everyone can win a game so in which case I like to hand out stickers or sweets to the kids that didn't win the top prize. Another alternative is not to hand out prizes to anyone but instead give the kids stickers for participation. Maybe the winner of the game could choose their sticker first. This way everyone is equal but the winner has been recognized.


Get Them in the Mood
When the kids arrive, they may be excited or anxious and not sure what to do. I wouldn't advise playing games straight away but let them warm up first with a few craft activities or just free play.


Give them a Break
Playing games is fun but can be tiring and the kids may get hot and tired. Organize a bit of down time during the event so the kids can eat and drink and maybe just have some free play.


Be Adaptable
If you are unsure about the weather then think about how you can adapt any of the planned games, just in case. I always like to be over prepared rather than under prepared and if that means having a couple of games planned that we never got round to playing, then that is fine.


Be Ready
Whatever kid's games you decide to have, make sure you have plenty of the equipment you need. I tend to put everything I need in a box (one box for each game). Kids are not very good at waiting whilst you try to find a pencil or blow up a ball etc


The theme games for kids on this page are generally for the 5 - 12 year old but I do also have lots of theme games for other ages from 1st BirthdayPreschool and Teen too.


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