Games for Preschool Parties

Games for Preschool Parties

Fun and easy games for preschool parties to keep the kids entertained. These are the best preschool games for any group of young children because they are short and simple enough to keep them focused. 

These preschool kid's games go along with the preschool themes found here

Choosing Games for Preschool Parties

The preschool age group are just starting to enjoy playing games in a group. However fair play and following instructions are not necessarily something that they are very good at.  So when choosing birthday party games, keep them simple and short and let everyone feel that they have done a good job, whether they win or not.


How Many Games to Play - I would plan on playing a couple of games followed by a break for free play and then if you like play another game. 3 games maximum is plenty. 


Which Games to Play - The younger age groups generally love musical games. They lack concentration so keep the games short and with little or no rules. Avoid blindfold games as some children are frightened of them.


Be Prepared - Be prepared and have a few party games planned and ready, even if you don't necessarily play them all. You will find some games are so popular that the children will play them over and over again and don't be disappointed if they don't want to play 'YOUR' favorite game.


Get Them in the Mood - The arrival at a party can be an awkward time or even a bit scary for the shy ones or the younger kids. Have some party music going in the background but not too loud and have some toys and simple activities laid out so the little ones can get busy.


Every-one's a Winner! - I don't think you need to give out prizes to very young children. And besides it often causes tears when children don't understand why they didn't get something. However if you want to give out prizes, let everyone win something. It keeps them all happy and instills confidence. My favorite prizes for this age group are stickers.


Give them a Break - Don't feel that the children have to be continually playing party games in order to be having fun. In fact, with preschoolers, you really only need one or two games over a period of an hour. A bit of 'free' play is often just as enjoyable. Also don't force kids to play if they don't want to but try and involve them in other ways such as handing out any props, turning on and off the music and so on.

Games for Preschool Parties

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