Slumber Party Games

Slumber Party Games for Kids

Slumber Party Games for Kids!

Most kids will have a slumber party at some time and it is no secret that the kids will NOT want to go to sleep! Never fear though as these slumber party games will keep them busy and having fun.

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By the way, many of the party games on this site have been submitted by visitors. Click here to submit your game idea.

Slumber Party Games

One person is picked to be the 'Tapper' and s/he goes into another room while the other players hide under pillows and blankets. Then someone gets up and turns the lights off, then gets back into their hiding place. The Tapper then comes into the room and taps someone. The person they tapped must then say 'Yes' in a funny voice (or answer them saying anything in a funny voice). The Tapper must then try and guess who it was that they tapped. It was a big hit at my party and is good for all ages. Enjoy! :)
Submitted by Kimberley Depp (Australia)

Piggle Wiggle
This is one of my favorite slumber party games and is great for kids all ages. All kids should have a sleeping bag when playing this game. One child is chosen to leave the room and a timer is set for two minutes. All the other kids get into someone else's sleeping bag before the timer goes off. When the timer goes off the child come back into the room and touches a sleeping bag. The child that is touched has to say 'Piggle Wiggle' in a disguised voice and the child must guess who is in the sleeping bag. If the child does not guess correctly, he/she must leave the room once again and the child must do the same as before until the child figure out who is in the sleeping bag that he/she touches.

Limbo Light
Ever played the limbo game? If not put this on your list of slumber party games. Turn off the lights and give one person a flash light. They must shine it so that the beam is horizontal. the kids then take it in turns to go under the flash light in limbo fashion i.e bending backwards as they go under it. If their body or head breaks the light beam, then they are out. Keep lowering the light beam on each round and see who can get the lowest.

Makeup Roulette
Get together a selection of make up (lipstick, blusher, eye shadow, nail varnish...) and place them in a bag on the floor. Have all the guests sit in a circle around the bag. Put on some music and give the kids a beach ball which they must throw to each other in any direction they like whilst the music is playing. When you stop the music, the person holding the ball must place their hand in the bag and pull out a make up item. They must then apply the makeup to themselves BUT the trick is that they don't have a mirror so they can't see what they are doing. It's a very funny game and you'll need some makeup remover to hand.

"Slumber Party" Word Hunt
In advance write one word topics on individual pieces of paper eg Restaurants, countries, vegetables, girls names, and place them folded up in a bowl. Give everyone a big piece of paper and a pen. Write the words SLUMBER PARTY on the paper but vertically. One person then picks a topic from the bowl. Each player then has 3 minutes (or more if you like) to write a word relating to that topic using each letter of SLUMBER PARTY as the first letter of the word. The most correct words wins.

Clothes Swap
Before everyone gets into their jammies, have the kids sit in a circle. One person goes out of the room and then 2 of the kids swap an item of clothing. The person who went out of the room, now comes back in and has 3 goes at guessing who swapped what. The someone else has a go. You could make this harder by having a dressing up box whereby the kids dress up in advance so that they are wearing lots of clothes and accessories. This makes it much harder for the guesser to work out what was swapped.

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