Kid's Dance Party Games & Activities

Cool Kids Dance Party Games

These kid's dance party games and activities are just what you need to get that birthday party swinging! All kids love to dance and these games and activities will encourage even the shyer ones to have a go.

You can use these party games and activities for any party but if you are having a dance party then also check out my KIDS DANCE PARTY THEME IDEAS for ideas for decorations, invitations and other cool stuff.

Kid's Dance Party Games

Always a popular game with boys and girls. Make your own limbo stick by screwing an L-shaped cup screw into a pole of soft wood (make 2). Make sure that the hooks are evenly spread and parallel on both pieces of wood. Secure the wood poles into buckets filled with sand or rocks. Insert a long thin bamboo garden pole between two hooks and voila a perfect limbo pole.

Put on some music with a good beat and see who can keep their hoopla going the longest. You could use large hoops to put round the waist or smaller ones for the wrists, or even both together! If you need some hoops, I have found a pack of 12 hoops which seems good value.

Hot Lights
Turn down the lights and sit the kids in a circle. Put on some music and get the kids to pass round a flashing light ball/key ring or toy. When the music stops whoever is left holding the light is out of the game. Keep going till there is one child left.

Balloon Catcher
String a balloon net to the ceiling. Blow up lots of balloons and write the name of each child on a balloon – one balloon per child. Release the net and see who can be the first to find their balloon.

Name That Tune
Divide the kids into pairs or teams. Play the first few lines or bars from a song and get the kids to guess the title and artist. Give points for correct answers and see who can be named "DJ of the year".

DJ Giveaway
Get the kids up and dancing. Every so often stop the music and ask a trivia question. Give a small prize such as a neon bracelet to the first person with the correct answer.

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Kid's Dance Party Activities

Sun Catchers
Using blank or unwanted CD's, stick two together (label side in). Decorate them with rhinestones or clear glass paint and thread a colored cord through the center hole so that you can hang it near a window.

Talent Show
Hire a karaoke machine and have a singing competition. Get your camcorder out it you have one as the kids love to see themselves performing. If the kids are shy, get them to sing in pairs or groups. 

Maracas Artist
Buy some PLAIN WOODEN MARACAS and get the kids busy decorating them with acrylic paints.

Funky Hot Hair
Get lots of different colored hair spray, gel and hair glitter and see who can create the coolest hair-do. Even the boys like the colored hair spray. Just don't call it hair spray!

Crazy T-shirts
Buy a cheap white T-shirt for each child and lots of luminous fabric paints. Get the kids to design snazzy patterns and slogans. These will look great under the party lights and they make good party favors.

Lets' Dance
How about teaching the kids some dance steps. I'm not a good dancer but these are easy to learn and if I can do it then......
Macarena Dance Steps Instructions
Mexican Hat Dance Instructions

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