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Get ready for some hocus pocus fun with our favorite magic birthday party games.

These Magic Birthday Theme Party games are simple, but there is a touch of excitement and magic in each of them.


Magic Jelly Bean Guess

Place a large amount of 'magic' jelly beans in a large jar and get the kids to guess the number of beans. The closest gets the entire jar!

Magicians Hat Toss

Make a magicians hat out of a plastic bucket covered with black crepe paper and make a rim from black craft card. Line the kids up and let them take turns to throw small rubber bouncing balls into the hat. Whoever gets the most in is the winner. You could also use playing cards rather than the balls but it is much harder!


Card Tower

Give each child a pack of playing cards and see who can build the highest tower using the cards.

Hunt the White Rabbit

In advance, cut out lots of small white rabbits from strong craft paper. Then hide them round the house or garden. Send the kids off on the trail of the white rabbits and see who can find the most.

Spin the Magic Wand

In advance write out lots of charades ideas appropriate for the age of the guests and place them in a large bowl. Sit the kids in a circle and spin a wand on the floor in the middle of the circle. Whoever the wand points to has to pull a card and act it out. To make it more fun, on some of the pieces of paper you could say "Win a prize" instead.

Magicians Anagrams

Choose the name of a well-known magician such as David Copperfield. Give each child a pen and piece of paper and then see who can make the most words out of the letters in their name.


If you have a boisterous crowd then a piñata is a great game for getting rid of some energy. Instead of using a plain stick to bash the piñata, use a magic wand. You can make this out of a stick painted black with white ends. If you have time, then think about MAKING YOUR OWN PINATA, too. If making one is not for you then this rabbit in a magician's hat from Amazon is a fun idea!