Luau Party Games

Kids Luau Party Games

It's luau party games time and I've got some great party games for you!

A kid's luau party need not just be centered around food and music, as to make it even more special, why not spice it up with a whole load of fun party games and activities.

So let's bring that tropical island feel to the party and let's limbo up for a really good time.

Also if you haven't already got some luau decorating and food ideas, then click here for kid's luau ideas for a party.

Luau Party Games

Limbo Contest
A limbo contest is a real fun activity for all ages and really gets the party momentum going. You can make your own limbo stick easily out of some wooden poles and a couple of cup screws. Here's how: screw an L shaped cup screw into a pole of soft wood (make 2) making sure that the hooks are at the same height. Dig the poles into the ground or place them in buckets filled with sand or rocks. Place a long thin bamboo garden pole between two hooks and voila, a perfect limbo pole.

Hula Hoop Contest
A great game and the kids are usually much better at it than the adults.

Musical Beach Towels
Lay out enough beach towels for each child, minus one. Put on the music and get the kids to dance around. When the music stops, each child has to quickly lay down on a towel. However the child who doesn't get one is out but can then help you with the music.

Coconut Bowling
Line up some small plastic bottles filled with sand. Give each child a couple of coconuts and see how many bottles they can knock down.

Coconut Bombs
Line up some coconuts and see who can hit them the most times using small water balloons.

Beach Ball Volley Ball
Use a blow up beach ball rather than a proper volley ball as they are a bit hard.

To add to your party games, have a pinata! They are super fun and the kids love them. You can easily make your own pinata or if you'd rather buy one, then these are my favorites:

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