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Kids Makeover Party Games

Here's my list of super fun makeover party games and activities. Team them up with a makeover party theme and you are onto a winner.

Girls Makeover Party Games

Lipstick Mania. Blindfold all the guests and issue each with a cheap brightly colored lipstick. Make everyone turn around on the spot 3 times and then they have to go in search of a partner. Once everyone is paired up, they have to attempt to apply the lipstick to their partner still with the blindfolds on. Set a time limit and then everyone can remove their blindfolds to see how gorgeous their lips are! Definitely have your camera ready for this one!

Makeup Memory.  Prepare a tray with a variety of makeup items on it – about fifteen to twenty items is plenty. Don't let the kids see it till the game starts. Issue each child with a pen and paper and then place the tray down in front of them. Give them three minutes to memorise what is on the tray and then remove the tray from the room. Each child has to write down as many makeup items as they can remember within a time limit. The person who memorises the most is the winner.

Pass the BlusherI know that 'Pass the parcel' is more a younger child's game but this is a slightly more grown up version which for some reason always goes down well and is really hilarious.  Sit the kids in a large circle with a blusher brush in the middle of the floor. Start the music and then the kids have to pass round a blusher compact. When the music stops, the person left holding the blusher has to take the brush and place some blusher on their face - NO mirror allowed! . Check out who is the ultimate 'blusher'! You could also play this game with a lipstick which is even funnier.

Spin the Nail Polish. This is one of those makeover party games which never seems to go out of fashion (excuse the pun). Everyone sits in a circle and in the middle you place several bottles of lipstick. The kids take it in turns to spin one of the bottles on the floor (place the bottle on its side). Whomever the bottle points at, then has to paint one of their toe nails. The winner is the first person to paint all their nails.

More Makeover Party Games

Blindfold Makeover

What you Need: 
Makeup, blindfolds, clock, chairs

How to Play:
Every one needs to take a partner and each couple gets given some makeup and a blindfold. One person covers their eyes with the blindfold whilst the other person sits on a chair. The blindfolded person then has to apply the makeup (lipstick, eye shadow, blusher etc) and has to do it as best as they can to the other person. Set a timer of about 5 minutes then when the time is up, go look in the mirror!
Submitted by: Andy (England)

Ugly Bettys!

What you Need:
Right, you need two or more people to play this game plus lots of makeup and a mirror.

How to play: 
Each person needs someone to makeover, so they need someone sitting in front of them (it is best with even amount of people). The pairs take turns to use an item of makeup to draw or write on the other persons face. Remember it is Ugly Betty! Once you are all done, you all go into a bathroom in your pairs, with the light off.  On the count of three, turn your light on and see the changes!
Submitted by:  Becca (England)

Spin the Bottle

What you need :
Makeup, bottle

How to Play :
This is a bit like spin the bottle but instead of dares, you use makeup. Place all the makeup in the middle of the circle and have everyone sit around in a circle. Someone spins the bottle and whoever it points to has to choose a makeup item from the middle. Then spin the bottle again and whomever it lands on, the person with the makeup has to apply it to them. Carry on like this till everyone is made-up. Then go look in the mirror for laughs!

You have any makeover party games you would like to share, you can submit them here.

Makeover Party Activities

Girls Makeover Party

Before/After Photo Shoot.  Create a beauty throne using a big chair and lots of colored drapes. Have each child sit on the chair holding a placard which says "Before" on it. Take Polaroid photos to put on a wall chart so that they can have a giggle. Get them to look as scruffy as possible! Repeat at the end of the makeover session with an "After" photo. You could also do the before and after photos of the kids in a group.

Fashion Designer. In advance, prepare some large templates of a human body using strong white card – about 12" in length should be enough. Give the kids lots of fashion magazines that they can cut up, sequins, stickers, fabric scraps, braids and ribbons and lots of glue. They then need to make a fashion outfit to glue onto their template, plus add hair and facial features. This can be followed by a judging competition to see who has created the best outfit.

Jewellery Trees. In advance find some strong twigs that have several smaller twigs coming off the main stem. Spray with gold or silver paint. Put a ball of modelling clay in the bottom of a small clay flower pot and secure the tree into the clay. When the kids arrive they can decorate the tree with glitter glue and paint the pots in lots of snazzy patterns. These make great party favors too.

Professional Hair and Beauty. Think about asking at a local salon if they would come to your house for the party to give the kids beauty and hair advice. If not enlist the help of several adult or older teenagers to act as beauty therapists. Wear white coats or buy long white shirts from a thrift or charity shop and put on name badges with their chosen area of expertise. 

Hire a Professional Pamper Entertainer. There are quite a few companies that specialise in pamper parties for kids and who can keep the kids happy with makeover party games and activities.

These are some fun makeover party games for anybody that likes makeup. Try them at the next kid's party you host.

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