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If you are having a Train Birthday Party Theme then these train birthday party games and activities are a great addition.

Most of the games are quick and easy to set up and I have kept them simple so they are perfect for the younger kids.



Make a Giant Train

In advance collect a stack of fairly large cardboard boxes. Line them up and cut out some windows.  You could also paint and decorate the front one as the engine.  When the kids arrive get them all to help you paint the train carriages whilst waiting for the other kids to arrive.

Traffic Jam

Collect together as many toy trains and cars as you can. Draw a street and track scene on a long piece of paper from a paper roll or you could draw directly onto the floor using chalk. Then let the kids set up their own traffic jam.

Design a Carriage

Before the birthday party, get down to your local shoe store and ask for a stack of empty shoe boxes. Give one to each child and have them decorate them with paints, marker pens, stickers and whatever else you fancy to resemble train carriages. Line them all up and you will have a fantastic center piece for the food table.


Hire an Entertainer

See if you could find a 'REAL' train conductor to come and show the kids some train driver signals.


Collect The Coal

Divide the kids into teams. Give each team a bucket and stand the kids in a line at some distance away have a stack of coal (aluminium foil scrunched into balls). Have each kid take it in turns to run up to the coal, put one piece in the bucket and then run back to his team and another member goes. First team to fill their bucket with all the coals is the winner.

Musical Sleepers

Dot a few planks of wood around the garden or party area. Make sure there are enough for each child, minus one. Put on some music and have the kids dance about. When you blow the whistle all the kids must dash to stand on a sleeper. The kid who doesn't get one is out of the game but they get to help you blow the whistle for the next round.

Dress for work

Split the kids into teams and give each team a box of workman's clothes such as a hard hat, bandanna and a pair of overalls. On the whistle each team member must rush and put on the set of clothes, then ring a bell. He then takes off the clothes and the next team member does the same thing. First team to finish wins.

Top tip: Young kids will probably have difficulty putting on lots of clothes so instead you could just give them a hat and a whistle to hang round their neck.

A Few More Train Birthday Party Games

All Aboard

Set some chairs out in a line. Have one person as the train guard and give them a special hat to wear. Have the kids run around the garden or party room and when you blow the whistle they must all rush and sit on a carriage chair without being caught by the train guard.  If they are caught, they also become a train guard and thus on the next round there will be two guards trying to catch the passengers

Red Light, Green Light

This is one of my favorite train birthday party games. The kids are all mini trains and you are the train master. Have two big pieces of round card ready - one colored green and the other red. These will be the signal lights. When you hold up the green light, the little trains move about following a pretend train track. But as soon as you shout "Red light" and hold up the red card, the trains must stop in their tracks. Anyone caught moving is sent to the railway yard and is out of the game.


And for the finale, how about a Pinata.

You could either make your own pinata or you could buy a ready made one. If you have lots of young kids, then I would suggest getting a string-pull pinata which is much easier and there is less chance of them getting a bop on the head.