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Puppy Themed Party games - If you're having a puppy dog party theme, then you'll probably want some puppy  party games to go with it.


Most of these games are geared around dogs and puppies but for those of you who are doing a pet party, then I've also sneaked in a few other games which are purrfect for getting the kids jumping and hoping about.



Fill a large sand box with small dog bones (rubber or real). The kids then have to dig with their hands to see who can find the most bones. If you haven't got a sandbox, fill a large plastic paddling pool with builders sand. NB: tell the kids not to eat them!


Split the kids into 2 teams and give each team a ball and a dog bowl. One team member from each team must throw the ball as far as they can and then one member from the opposite team must run and fetch the ball and bring it back to their dog bowl. The first team to place the ball in their dog bowl wins a point. Keep playing till everyone has had a go at throwing and fetching the ball.


Tell the kids that they are all puppies and are in a training class. Also have a corner set up with big cushions which are the puppies beds. Have all the 'puppies' dance around to some music. When the music stops, you must shout out an instruction such as : "sit, jump, lie-down, beg". The last 'puppy' to perform the instruction is out of the game and has to go to his bed. Last puppy left is declared the 'best trained puppy'.



As you know cats are very agile creatures, but are the kids as well?

Set up an obstacle course using buckets, low stools, planks of wood or whatever you think is appropriate. One child is the cat and his/her aim is to complete the obstacle course without falling off and in the quickest time possible. The other kids are ferocious dogs and they must bark and jump up at the cat to try and put him/her off but they are not allowed to touch him/her.


Glue pictures of pets onto strong card. When dry, cut out and then cut each pet in half. Give each child one half of several pets and hide the rest in the house or garden. The kid's mission is then to find their other pet half. First one to finish gets a pet prize.


Buy some small plastic pet animals and some balloons. Insert an animal into a deflated balloon and then blow the balloon up and tie it. Rig up a balloon net and put all the balloons in it. Get the kids into a circle and then let the net go. The kids have to use their feet to pop the balloons and release the animal inside which they get to keep.


Split the kids into 2 teams and give each team a large sack. Each team member takes it in turns to get into the sack and hop across to a bucket filled with carrots. They must pick up a carrot using only their mouth and hop back to their team. First team to get all their carrots are declared the 'Bounciest Bunnies'.


Make some cards with an animal picture on. Sit the kids in a circle and give each of them an animal card. Tell them not to show anyone. Then each child takes it in turn to mime their animal and everyone else has to guess what animal they are.


Having a pinata as one of your puppy themed party games is sure to make the kids happy. Why not have a pinata to match your theme? Try making your own pinata.



Hope you enjoy these puppy themed party games. Why not submit your own puppy themed party games?