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These fun blindfold games were submitted by our readers.



by Andrea
(North Carolina, USA)


We had a lot of fun playing this blindfold game.


What you need:
Blindfold, 4 or more players, If Indoors please clear room of chairs, tables, etc. (Things that would most likely to be tripped or stumbled on).

How to Play:
Blindfold a player (We use "Inky Pinky Ponky" or "Eeny Meany Miny Mo" to decide the blindfolded player).

It's just like Marco polo. Then twist the blindfolded person round so they are a bit disoriented.

Then have the players say nothing while the blindfolded player tries to find them.

If they are touched by the blindfolded person, then they are out of the game.

The Winner is the last player standing.

My advice is don't make the playing area too large.

Another rule you could have is that the players are not allowed to move from the spot they are standing on. They can bend their body and crouch down etc but they must keep their feet still.



What you need:
Two blindfolds, cardboard boxes of various shapes and sizes, plastic buckets, low chairs.


How to Play:
This is one of my favorite blindfold games. You need quite a big space for this kid's party game and maybe ear mufflers, as there will be a lot of shouting.

Divide the kids into two teams.

Lay out all the boxes and chairs - these are known as the mines.

Blindfold one person from each team who then has to navigate through the minefield under the verbal guidance of their team mates.

If either player touches a mine, they have to stop for a count of ten.

When the player finally reaches the end of the minefield, they remove the blindfold and run back to the start and another of their team mates has a turn.

The winning team is the one to get all its members through the minefield first.

The kids get really excited playing this game and having to shout out instructions to their teammates.

Fun Note:
This game makes a really fun addition to a DIY escape room game. Not only does it promote teamwork and communication skills, but it's also nail-bitingly tense (You try watching your buddy almost step on a landmine!) and very easy to set up and pack away.

For more information on escape room games, and how to run your own at home, read the guide on our website here.

Or alternatively, check out the guides on the Lock Paper Scissors website here.



by Laura
(Miami, Florida)


What you need:
Blindfold, chair


How to Play: 
Players sit in a circle with a chair in the middle.

One kid is chosen to be the guesser. That player sits in the chair and is blindfolded.

Then, another kid goes behind the chair and says 'Knock knock, Who am I?

The person in the chair has to guess who is speaking. If she guesses wrong, another kid goes behind the chair. If she guesses right, the speaker is next in the chair and the first person picks another child to speak next.

Play until everyone has had a turn or as time allows.


by Emma


What you Need:
Blindfold, item to hide


How to Play:
To play, have someone leave the room while you have another kid hide something(like a ball).

Now, the kid outside the room is blindfolded and then brought back into the room.

All the players must now give verbal clues to the blindfolded person to help them find the object. When they find it, they have to guess who hid it. If they are right, that kid goes next. If not, they get to be blindfolded again.


by Maddie


This game is for 6 or more players and should be played outside and/or in an open area. To play, choose one child to wear a blindfold. Then, they have to wander the room in search of another player. Then could also be spun around a few times first so they are disoriented and they don't know where they are. Once they touch someone,they have to guess who they found. If they are correct, the kid they found gets to be blindfolded next. If they are incorrect, they get another chance to find someone. However, if the blindfolded player is wrong a second time, s/he can choose anyone else to be blindfolded next. Tips;the longer it takes to find someone,the more fun the game becomes.confusing the blind player makes for the funniest moments. Also,if the blind person starts to go out of bounds, point them back in the right direction.