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This exciting party game was submitted by Amelia (Australia)


Silent Chasy


This one is a cool party game to play while other things are going on, while you are walking in a group somewhere or perhaps on a campout. It can even be done in the classroom throughout the morning.

They aim of this game is to have someone be chaser and to catch everyone. It is loosely based on the premise of Chasy, or Tag. However, it is done silently.

For reference:
Chaser – the person doing the chasing.
Out – Someone who has been tagged by the Chaser
In – Someone who has not yet been tagged by the Chaser

Tell the group that they are playing. You will, at random at some point in your time together, choose a Chaser. It needs to be subtle so no one else sees or hears. Then, they are to quietly tap people and whisper ‘You’re Out’, as they get them. Once someone is out they cannot tell others who the Chaser is, but can say that they are out, if someone asks.

The aim of the Chaser is to get everybody out, before someone asks them if they are, in fact, the Chaser. If they get asked, they have to admit it and the game is over and they lose.

Someone who is already ‘out’ cannot ask the Chaser, because they already know, and if they do, the Chaser is allowed to deny it.


Variations of This Cool Party Game:

For Halloween – the Chaser is a Murderer and they whisper, ‘You’re Dead’ instead of ‘You’re Out.’

For Christmas - the Chaser is Santa and they whisper, ‘Ho Ho Ho.’

For Easter – the Chaser is the Easter Bunny and they whisper, ‘Give Me All Your Eggs.’