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Every Pirate needs some pirate party games to keep them busy, whether it is walking the plank or panning for gold.

If you haven't already got a party theme planned then these pirate birthday party games go really well with my PIRATE PARTY THEME.



Escape The Cannon Ball Bomb

One child is nominated as the villainous captain and must hide an egg timer in the house or garden. Set the timer for about 3 minutes. His crew (the other players) then have to hunt for 'the bomb' before it goes off. Whoever finds it is the next captain.

Peg Leg Race

Play in pairs as a three-legged race or get each kid to hold one leg bent up behind his back and have a race to the finish line.

Hunt The Golden Nuggets

This is one of my favorite pirate party games. Spray paint small garden rocks with gold paint. Hide around the house or garden and see who can find the most. They could use the treasure chests that they made in pirate party activities to store their loot.

Panning For Gold

Spray paint some very small garden stones gold or buy some plastic gold coins. Fill a large paddling pool or even better, a trough, with water and a little sand. Put the gold amongst the sand and give each child a tin plate to see who can make their fortune.

Attack On Deck

This needs to be played outside on a warm day. Fill a paddling pool with water and across it put a plank of wood which is securely suspended on bricks or wood blocks situated around the edge of the pool. It should sit about 6 inches above the pool. Divide into 2 teams and issue each team captain with a cushion and his crew with cannon balls. These could be foam balls, Ping-Pong balls or even rolled up socks. The two captains have to battle head to head on the wooden plank using the cushions to knock each other in the water whilst the crew throw cannon balls at their opposing captain to try and make him wobble. This is great fun and pretty riotous but the kids just love it.


Walk The Plank

This is a fun pirate party games for a crowd. Everybody stands on a plank or rope with one person standing on the ground in front and facing them. When that person calls out "In the sea", all the players have to jump forward. If he calls out "On the plank", they all jump backwards. But the tricky bit is, if the person calls out "On the sea" or "In the plank", everybody must stand still. Anyone who wobbles the slightest is out.


Use a large room or garden where there are various items of large furniture or objects that you don't mind the kids clambering on. One person is chosen to be the captain and then all the kids run round the garden or room. As soon as the captain shouts "Shipwreck to the bench" for example, the kids all have to rush to the bench and climb on it. The last one on is said to have sunk in the sea and is out of the game. As more and more players are out, the captain names smaller and smaller things to climb on.

Treasure Hunt

No pirate party is really complete without some sort of treasure hunt. Click here to plan your own treasure hunt.


Jolly Roger Flag

Using A4 craft paper, crayons, market pens etc, get the kids to design their own flag. This is a good ice breaker activity for when the kids are arriving. When the kids have finished, stick the flags to some dowelling or hang them from a suspended clothes line.


Collect lots of cardboard toilet rolls or better still the ones from silver foil and cling film. Let the kids decorate and personalize them with paints and stickers.

Treasure Chest

Use old shoe boxes or plain white party food boxes and let the kids decorate them with stick on jewels, beads and glitter. They can use them later to store any loot that they win at the party.

Pirate Action Shots

Using a Polaroid camera, take action shots of the kids posing as their favorite pirate. Let them take them home as party favors.

Face Painting

Practice your face painting skills.

Washable Tattoos

These can be bought cheaply from most toys shops or party suppliers.