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Get ready to play some WHAM, BAM, POW Superhero party games!


These games are suitable for any action party theme and I would suggest playing them outside if you have the space.

They also team up really well with my SUPERHERO PARTY THEME where I have lots of ideas for Superhero decorations, activities and food.


Hunt the Superheroes

Cut out Superhero figures and villains in pairs. Give each child one hero and one villain and hide the rest around the house or garden. Each child has to find the matching hero and villain. First one to accomplish his mission is the winner.

'Super Fit' Obstacle Course

Create a Superhero party obstacle course around the garden. Split guests in to two teams and race to see which team wins the title of 'Super Fit'.

Crazy String Attack

Divide the kids into heroes and villains and issue each child with a can of crazy colored string. Let them run around (outside!) and see who can score the most hits on their enemies.

Avoid the Kryptonite

Super heroes versus the villains . Divide into two teams of heroes and villains. Issue each team member with a 'kryptonite' softball. The aim of the game is to disable the other team by throwing the kryptonite at them. If it touches a child he is then 'disabled' and has to stand still with his legs apart and can only be freed if another of his team members crawls through his legs. If he is disabled more than twice then he is considered defeated and must leave the game. First team to completely defeat the other team is the 'Super Force'.

Super Hero Anagrams

Choose the name of a well known super hero such as 'Spider man' and get the kids to see who can make the most words out of the letters in his name.


Having a piñata is always a great success at kids parties. It is easy to make your own and you could make a  superhero figure to blend in with your party theme.
Pinata Rules
How to make a pinata

If you'd rather buy a Superhero pinata off the shelf this is a good choice from Amazon, and it's great to add to the list of superhero party games.

Save The World

Divide the kids in to two teams and issue each team with some orienteering instructions that you have prepared in advance. Prepare two different courses so that the kids aren't following each other around but each should end up at the same spot. At the final destination you could hide small superhero plastic figurines or globe key rings as prizes.

Create a Superhero

Issue each child with a piece of A4 paper and pencil. Each child takes his paper and out of view of the others, draws the head and neck of an imaginary super hero. He then carefully folds the paper over twice so that the head is hidden from view but letting just the neck show. The papers are then passed round clockwise so each child now has a different paper. He then draws the body and arms and again folds the paper but just so the bottom of the body is showing. The papers are passed round again and the last person draws the legs and feet plus adds the name of one of the guests to the bottom of the picture. The papers are folded for the last time and passed around once more. The guests then take it in turns to open up their paper and to reveal who is the Super Hero and what he looks like. This always causes a lot of laughs and is a popular game so have lots of paper ready.


Super Vision

In advance take close up photos of everyday objects or enlarge the images on your computer. Have the kids guess what they are.




I hope you found these superhero party games useful.