Teen Party Ideas

If you are a teen trying to organise a teen party, then stay put as I have lots of teen birthday party ideas submitted by other teens.

If you are a teen trying to organise a teen party, then stay put as I have lots of teen birthday party ideas submitted by other teens.

 After all, teens know better than their parents on what makes a cool party ;-). 

And if you are a parent organizing a teen party for your kid, well stay put too as I've been through the teen years with my kids and I've got some great tried and tested tween and teen theme party ideas below.

Teen Party Themes

The themes below are my favorite teen themes. However if you want to head on straight away to themes submitted by teens, then CLICK HERE.

Treasure Hunt Party

I'm a great fan of treasure hunts. No matter what the age group I can bet you that the guests will love it. Now I know you are probably thinking well this is a game for young kids. Well think again. Kids love the excitement of finding things and adults love the challenge.

You can adapt the clues for all ages, for indoors, outdoors and in parks and forests, in fact anywhere where you have a safe place to hide clues and to run around.

Treasure hunts however do take a bit of advance organizing but that is also part of the fun. The clues could have a theme such as being related to songs and pop groups or be in pictures or how about having them in code form which the teens have to decipher. How to set up the treasure hunt clues. And if that all seems like too much work, then consider a scavenger hunt which is easier and quicker to organize.

Scavenger Hunt Party

Next to a treasure hunt, a scavenger hunt is one of my top favorites for a teen party idea. It may sound a bit babyish but in fact it needn't be at all. You can adapt a scavenger hunt to suit any age group or even mixed ages. Plus they can be done anywhere and cheaply too.

It's also a great activity for when you have a bunch of teens who don't know each so well as it forces them to chat to each other and to work as a team. The basis behind a scavenger hunt is that you split into teams and you go off to find a list of items. The first team to find everything on their list wins.

Places to have a scavenger hunt:
Your own backyard
Your neighborhood
Shopping mall
Public park
Around town

Items to find:
Well the world is your oyster. List items that are possible but not too easy to find. For instance asking someone to find an acorn in a shopping mall might be too hard whereas asking them to find a yellow plastic bag is do-able.

You could also ask them to find something that is not an item but more an action which they take a photo of with their phone or camera. So for instance it could be a team member trying on some red shoes or a team member shaking hands with a policeman. Or how about photos of specific street signs or a group photo of everyone up a tree.....Use your imagination and adapt the list to the number and ages in each group.

One of our viewers arranged a shopping mall hunt for her daughter and friends. Check out how she did it and get ideas for your own shopping/scavenger hunt party.

Murder Mystery Party

A murder mystery party is not a new idea but it certainly is a good one especially if you have a smallish group who are not shy about a bit of role playing.

It is not a theme suited to everyone but when you get a good gang together it can be a real laugh. Generally a murder mystery party is set around a meal so that is another factor to think about.

Here is a murder mystery that was sent in by a teen who hosted her own murder mystery. This could give you some ideas for hosting your own.

This teen party theme can involve quite a lot of preparation if there are food and costumes involved so my advice would be to get a murder mystery game kit to make it work well.

There are not many murder mystery games for teens but the best ones I have found have been on Amazon. Below are some of their best murder mystery selections.

Out To Dinner

Going out for a meal is always exciting. So for this teen party theme the idea is to have a 'special ' dinner date (and I'm not talking about a trip to Macdonalds!), whereby all the guests dress up and get treated to a special evening.

You could start the evening off by meeting at your house and having drinks or cocktails (I'll leave you to decide what goes into them) and then finances permitting, have a limousine to take the teens to a nice restaurant. Pre-warn the manager if this is a birthday party so that s/he might pay special attention to the birthday person.

If the teens are on the younger side, you could book two tables in the restaurant - one for the teenagers and one for you. It's much more fun for them (and you) to let them have their own space. And you could give your teenager a budget so he/she is in charge of the bill. A perfect end to this evening would be a party sleepover or movie at home.

Activity Day Out

If you're willing to spend a little money and want to get the teenagers out the house, then nothing beats an activity day. Some of these are just brilliant fun.

What I like about them is that the activity can take up most of the party time so all you've got to do is sort out some food and drink. My two favorites at the moment are the Indoor Skydiving and Zorbing. Think thrills! 

P.S. if the activity is stomach churning, you might want to provide the food for after!

Sports Match Party Theme

Most teens are into one sport or another and if they're not, maybe this is a good time to get them interested. I also think this is a good teen party theme for when you have a mixed bunch of boys and girls or a large number of guests.

If your back yard is too small then find a park or open public green space or even hire out a pitch at the local sports center. Decide what game or games to play and try and make sure that everyone will be able to play. 

  • Group game ideas might be:
  • Basketball
  •  Rounders (popular in England)
  • Frisbee
  •  Obstacle course
  • Crazy golf
  • Volley ball
  • Soft ball tag

Bring a picnic and drinks (lots) and have a match. It could be football, cricket, rounders, baseball or whatever the teenagers are interested in. If the party then goes on into the evening, you could have a camp fire sing along with toasted marshmallows or you could head home for a movie and popcorn.

Teen Party Tips

Tips for Teens:

  • Have a plan of sorts whether it is a party theme, an activity such as movie or having a get together at your house.
  • Know how many people are coming to the party and set a limit otherwise it could end in chaos.
  • Have some food and drink and perhaps get guests to contribute too.
  • Party games are a great way of getting the party going, even if you only have one game.
  • Respect your guests and respect the venue where you are having the party whether it is at home, in a hired room or a public place.
  • Think about your neighbors. Pre-warn them if you plan on making a bit of noise.
  • If things get out of hand, ask for help form adults.

Tips for parents:

  • It can be a bit daunting thinking about organizing a teen party but in reality it is probably easier than organizing a young child's party.
  • The teens can do most of the organizing whilst you can just 'be around' if needed and of course 'be there' to set a few boundaries and limits.
  • Don't fuss too much about decorations although depending on the party, a color theme might be fun such as black/white or gold/purple. 
  • Teen games are often welcome as they help to gel the group and to give the teens something to do. However do let them choose and organize their own teen party games. 
  • I would say your biggest thing to think about is food and drink and making sure that whatever they do, they are safe.

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