Shopping Hunt for a Teenager

by Linda

I arranged a treasure hunt round various shops for my daughter and her friends to solve clues and collect goods I had paid for and left for them - including a break for a drink at Costa Coffee.

I spent a day in advance going round shops in our large shopping centre and buying a small gift for each party member (about £1-£1.50 each) in each shop. I asked if I could leave the gifts for collection by my daughter and her friends on the following day. I explained they were doing a treasure hunt from shop to shop and asked if they would pass on the next clue as well. (all shops were willing to help except M&S and Bhs).

- Small shops are easiest as there is no confusion as to where to collect the booty from, eg Body Shop, Claire's, or Hotel Chocolat.
- With each clue we left the name of the person we had arranged it with in that shop just to ensure they would not be dismissed.
- I left the first clue in the shopping centre lockers, together with a gift bag each (to collect their shopping) and a party hat to wear round the centre, to add to the hilarity. I just gave them the key and a plan of the shopping centre and they had to find where to go.
- Set up the hunt in reverse order, ie the first shop you go to will be their last. That way when you have bought goods in a shop, you can then leave the clue for that shop in the next one you go to, in reverse order.
- It helped that my daughters birthday is in early January and I got some bargains in the sales. They each received goods worth a total of £20 which cost me less than £10 each.

All the girls said it was the best party they have done. They had no idea what they would be doing as we just asked them to meet at a statue. They were guessing for weeks in advance, but they weren't disappointed. Many of the shop keepers couldn't wait to see their reaction and wanted to know what things they had already collected.

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Apr 29, 2011
m&s are so mean
by: Anonymous

why would they not just let u do it you were willing to pay my daughter had her party in kfc and then i brang them swimming and i paid the mall manger to get every1 in the mall to sing happy birthday to her and i brang tem to a spa i even booked a holiday for her me and her close 3 friends to paris i wish u could see her face

Jun 22, 2010
by: Anonymous

very good idea! what we did for my daughters back to school party was very similar but it was a mall scavenger hunt and we divided the girls up into 2 teams and gave them a list of (free) things they had to find in the mall like a bag, paper clip, sample of perfume, something a store was going to throw away ext. all of the girls had a blast! we are making the mall scavenger an anual thing to do with my daughter and all of her friends. when one of the teams finishes they go to starbucks to meet and then when all of the teams are back we count what thwey found.

Jun 20, 2010
by: koolio

wow that is such a good idear i am defo gonna try tat

Jan 04, 2010
Brilliant idea
by: Nicky

Thanks for such a good explanation of how you organised the party. I always think you can't go wrong with a treasure hunt!

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