Easter Party Ideas
Easter Activities for Kids

Easter Party Ideas Egg Hunt

Get ready for an egg-load of Easter party ideas  :-)

Kids often think of Easter as "chocolate time" but if you would rather limit their chocolate fix then I've got Easter crafts, games and lots of goodies to keep the kids busy.

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Easter Party Ideas
Easter Crafts for Kids

Easter is the perfect time for getting crafty with egg painting and decorating being a favorite among boys and girls.

The following Easter crafts for kids are designed for them and they are all fairly easy although a few will need some adult supervision. 

You will probably have at home most of the bit and pieces needed for these Easter crafts and what is more the finished products look really great.

Easter Party Ideas
Easter Games for Kids

Everyone loves a good party game and these Easter games for kids are fun and easy.

Have the kids try a couple of these games and see how much fun they have.

  • Egg toss
  • Hunt the Egg
  • Where's the Easter Bunny?
  • Egg bowling
  • Easter Party Bingo
  • Egg Roll
  • Musical Eggs
  • Egg Match

CLICK HERE to find out how to play them!

Easter Party Ideas
Easter Food Recipes

These Easter food recipes are all easy to make. So easy the kids can give you a helping hand and they all taste delicious. I'm afraid most are chocolate and sweet ......

The kids will love to decorate the cookies and cupcakes. Make it one of the games and they can take home the ones they decorate.

If you have an Easter food recipe that you would like to share, you can share it here.

Easter Party Ideas
Easter Party Favors and Prizes

The great thing about an Easter party is that the kids get to take home all the crafts that they have made. This means you don't have to go to town on Easter favors.

However if you do want to give the kids some small gift treats then how about:

  • Soft toy chicks,
  • Flower making or pressing kits,
  • Pretty baskets and bags

The bags would be great to take home their crafts that they made.

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