Easter Party Games

Easter Party Games for Kids

All the following Easter party games are fun and easy. They are simple to organize and most require very little preparation so you can get started straight away.

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Easter Party Games

Egg Toss
Equipment : Eggs - lots!!!
This is one of my favorite Easter party games for outdoors. It is for older kids as they need to be able to throw and catch. And you're going to need quite a few eggs. You can either use raw eggs (messy!) but if not, I would definitely recommend using hard-boiled eggs.

Split the players into pairs and line each pair along two imaginary lines about one meter apart (less for smaller kids) and so that the pairs are facing each other. Give each pair one egg.

The aim of the game is to toss the egg to your opponent, which they then have to catch. If they do so, each person in the pair takes one step backwards. The egg is then tossed again and if successfully caught, another step backwards is taken and so on. The winning pair is the one who manages to throw the egg the furthest without breaking it.

There is a skill to this game in that when catching the egg, you should move your hands in a backwards motion to reduce the force of the egg hitting the palm of your hand - much easier said than done!

Hunt The Egg
Equipment : Lots of small plastic or confectionery eggs, Pen and paper.
No Easter party is complete without a Easter egg hunt in the list of Easter party games . You can make it as complex or as easy as you wish depending on the age group of the children. 

For Young ChildrenKeep it simple and allow each child to win the same amount of goodies if you want to avoid tears.

For Older ChildrenMost kids aged 5 and up love treasure hunt based Easter party games and again you can adapt the level of difficulty depending on the age group.

Game 1 : 
Divide the kids into teams and assign each team a color. Allow roughly 10 plastic eggs per team and make sure each team's eggs are marked with their color and the clue number. Each team starts off with clue number 1, which should then lead them to egg number 2 (marked '2' and with their color). Inside that egg will be clue 2 to lead them to egg number 3 and so on. First team to collect all their eggs gets first pick at the Easter goodies.

Game 2 : 
If you haven't got the strength or time to think up clues, another idea is to put a number on a piece of paper in each plastic egg. Hide them all round the garden or house. Each team has to rush and collect as many eggs as they can or you can give them a set number. You could also hide one special Easter egg (paint it golden for example) which could be worth a bonus.

When they have got as many eggs as possible, they open them up and add up the total of the numbers from the papers found inside their eggs. Each team then wins the number of mini chocolate eggs equal to their total.

Where's Bunny?
Equipment : Magazines, scissors, cuddly toy bunny
This is another of my top Easter party games for the beginning of the party and it is particularly suited to the younger kids.

In advance, cut out of magazines or brochures, images for rooms and furniture. On a large piece of paper, sketch a rough plan of your house and then stick on the rooms and furniture. Try and get it to 'vaguely' resemble your house so include a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room and so on. Then place a cuddly toy bunny in one of the rooms in your house.

Tell the kids that "Bunny" has escaped from his hutch and that you need their help to find him. The children then pin on the picture where they think that bunny is hiding.  Then you get all the children to run to their chosen place to see if they were correct.

Egg Bowling
Equipment : Decorated hard boiled eggs
This is one of those Easter party games that suits all age groups, adults included. At the beginning of the Easter party, get all the guests to paint or decorate a hard-boiled egg. This egg becomes their special bowler.

Take an unpainted egg and roll this about 2 meters from the line up of players. Players then have to roll their own egg as close to the unpainted egg as possible. The closet wins.

You could play in teams and play several rounds and then tot up each teams score at the end to get the grand winner. Usually it all ends up in an amicable egg fight so be warned!

Easter Bingo
Equipment : Card, Easter stickers, bag, tiddlywinks
In advance make some picture bingo cards in the shape of an egg. Do this by cutting out a large egg shaped piece of card and on each card put some Easter stickers or you could draw pictures if you wish. Make each card slightly different - you don't want everyone to win at the same time!

In a bag have a duplicate of each of the stickers/pictures mounted on small individual pieces of card. Sit the kids in a circle and give each of them an egg bingo card and some tiddlywinks. You then pull out the stickers from the bag, one at a time. If someone can match that sticker on their egg card, then they get to cover it up with a tiddlywink. First person to cover all their pictures is the winner.

Egg Roll
Equipment : Plastic eggs and plastic spoons.
This game requires a bit of space so outdoors would be best. Give each child a spoon and plastic egg. On the blow of the whistle, they have to push their egg along the ground, just using the spoon. First one to the finish line wins.

Musical Eggs
Equipment : Craft paper, marker pen, music
Musical Easter party games tend to be popular with the younger kids. On large craft paper, draw a big egg. On each egg then write a number. You want enough eggs for the number of kids playing.

Have the kids dance to some music and when the music stops they have to rush and stand on an egg of their choice (one person per egg). You then call out a number and whoever is standing on that numbered egg gets to choose a real chocolate egg. Repeat until all the kids have won an egg. Remember to remove the numbers that have been used.

Egg Match
Equipment : Paper, marker pens
This is good Easter party game if you have a large crowd of kids. At the beginning of the party, get all the kids to color in some large eggs.

Cut each egg in half but in a zig-zag fashion so each egg is cut differently. Give each child an egg half and get them to see if they can find their other half. This is one of those Easter party games that is great for getting the kids to know each other.

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