Easter Basket Crafts

Here are 2 festive Easter Basket Crafts the kids will have fun making. Both are fairly easy to make but do require a little help from an adult. 

Paper Easter Basket Crafts

These Paper Easter Baskets are easy Easter crafts to make and are great for any type of kids party. Just change the picture and you can make them for Christmas or Halloween, whatever kind of party you are having.

The baskets we made here were of bunnies for an Easter Party and they looked so cute filled with colored tissue paper and small chocolate eggs.

You can make any animal you like by adjusting the basic face shape. The instructions here are to make an Easter party basket about 3 inch square.

Skill: Easy

To Make This Paper Easter Basket Craft You Need:

  • Colored paper (thick) or thin card A4 size
  • Strip of craft paper (for the handle)
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue
  • Pencil
  • Trimmings e.g. ribbon, buttons, sequins
  • Shredded colored paper or cellophane
  • Small chocolate eggs or candy


1. Fold the paper in half (A) along its width and then open it.

2. Bring the left-hand side of the paper (B) to the center-fold and press. Repeat with the right-hand side (C). Close the paper along the center-fold (A) and your paper should now be folded into four with the pleats all running in the same direction.

3. Draw a picture on each folded section of paper e.g. chick, egg, rabbit and make sure that the design touches both pleated edges of the paper. Also add a small tab approximately 1 inch long, at the bottom of the design. 

4. Carefully cut our your design, open it out and fold each tab towards the center.

5. Now cut out a small tab from a spare piece of card/paper and use it to join the open sides of your basket. Glue it on the inside of the basket so it can't be seen.

6. From a spare piece of the paper or card, cut out a 3 inch square which will form the base. Place the square at the bottom of your basket and using the tabs glue it in place. It should now be box shaped.

7. Decorate your Easter basket with ribbons, stickers or whatever you want.

TIP: If the card is quite flimsy it might be easier to attach the decorations before you assemble the basket. 

8. Create a handle from a strip of craft paper and glue both ends to the basket.

9. When all the glue is fully dry, put a little shredded tissue paper (or straw) in the bottom of the basket and pop in some small chocolate eggs. 

Homemade Easter Baskets

These homemade Easter baskets require a little bit of dexterity plus adult supervision but they are great for using up those left over plastic milk bottles. You know, the ones which you have been storing just in case!

Skill: Easy/Medium

To Make These Easter Basket Crafts You Need:

  • 2 liter plastic bottles - use non clear ones if you can
  • 1cm wide strips of parcel ribbon - Choose 2 ore more different colors 
  • Length of string
  • Craft knife
  • Chalk
  • Pipe cleaner
  • Hole punch
  • Glue


Using the craft knife (get an adult to do this), cut around the bottom third of the drinks bottle - this will be the basis of your basket.

Measure the diameter of your basket with a piece of string and use this to measure strips of parcel ribbon 1.5 times the length of the string.

Using the chalk, draw 1-cm wide vertical lines on your basket all the way round. Cut these lines with the craft knife going from top to bottom. Stop when you reach the base.

Take one strip of ribbon and starting from the base of your basket, attach it to one of the basket strips with a little glue (A).

When the glue is fully dry you are now ready to start weaving. 

Weave the piece of colored paper in and out of the basket strips until you have gone right round the basket (B). Trim off any excess paper and glue down the loose end.

Take another strip of coloured ribbon and glue this to an adjacent basket strip and just above the first paper strip. When the glue is dry, weave in and out as before. Repeat with the other ribbon strips.

To make the handle, puncture 2 holes opposite each other at the top of the basket and then thread through the pipe cleaner, twisting the ends to secure them. You can then decorate it with ribbons, fill it with eggs or little cotton ball chicks.

These are 2 easy Easter basket crafts that the kids will enjoy making. 

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