Color Party for 14th

by Taylor
(North Carolina)

I am sending white invitations to about 30 people with colored borders and in bright colored envelopes. I'd like to have the event as late as possible! As my guests arrive I am going to let them have glow in the dark necklaces.

I am going to clean out our garage and put two large patio tables with chairs in it. Along one wall there will be a white bed shirt hug up so we can take pictures in front of it with all the guests. One table will consist of bright colored plates, napkins, silverware, cups, etc. On another table I will have a place for guests to put gifts and my birthday cake. I will also have a cooler with drinks (Dr. Pepper, Orange Soda, Sprite, etc) in it in the garage.

I am going to have vases that are filled with bright colored candy placed around the garage or you could go to Dollar Store and get cheap fake flowers. I am also going to place disposable cameras around the garage for my friends to use and have fun with.

Christmas tree lights and bright colored crepe paper streamers will be hanging from the ceiling and the trees in the driveway. Our garage door will be open and it goes out to the driveway were we have a basketball hoop for anyone who wants to play. We will put balls in a tub outside near the hoop. We're going to put Christmas lights and hang paper lanterns in the trees in my backyard.

During the middle of the party we are going have a silly string fight just to lighten things up! In the front yard we are going to have our volleyball net set up so if anyone wants to bump around they can. Also in the backyard we are going to rent and set up a moon bounce. We will have the music blasted all night long.

Before my guests leave I am going to give them bright colored boxes of some kind and fill them with a little candy.

I am going to send out thank you notes like my invitations and include good pictures from the disposable cameras.

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Dec 31, 2010
Reply: winter
by: Taylor

Well You can make the party ideas to your likings. you dont have to do everything that the idea is. I'm the kind of girl who likes to do things over done. :) Yay! haha

Dec 31, 2010
by: winter

its an extremley creative idea but it seems a bit over done for a 14th birthday and what about peoples birthdays that are in winter or times/ places that are too cold

Jul 30, 2010
sounds fun
by: Anonymous

Good idea! Very creative.

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