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Katherine (Canada) tells us how she ran her cool Hollywood-themed party



My event for the Oscars went great! Food and drinks were easy, we got candy and made shish kabob with the candy and had cheese and pepperoni pizza. We also had pop and put it into cool glasses.


Just in case the guests got bored, i put together some games that were changed a little to fit the theme such as:


-DONT SAY THE WORD- write a 5 word list and put beads around each guests neck and if they say one of the words the person who hears it gets their beads. Whoever had the most beads by the end of the party then gets a mini prize!


-MATCH THE STAR TO THE MOVIE- make 12 medium stars, write the names of 6 different celebrities on 6 stars and on the other 6 write what movie they star in. Guests must get a piece of paper with the same settings and let them match it. Whoever guesses right wins a mini prize!

For music I just let my i-pod play the whole time. I held the party in my basement which is big so we had plenty of room to dance.

When it was cake time we put the cake that was customized to say:
"And the star of the night award goes to...
Katherine, Happy 12th birthday!" we put the cake on the bar.

After that I handed out the awards( such as: best hair, loudest voice or stuff that fits their personality) and gave them mini prizes for the Oscars.

In the end we had a lot of fun and had a pinata. For loot bags,whoever didn't win a prize for the games just simply got a chocolate bar or piece of candy!

Hope all these tips help out!!!!!!!!!!!