Fancy Dress Event for a 15-Year-Old

by Molly
(United Kingdom)

Easy to do!

I am 15 and have done all the traditional parties and themes. This year I decided to do something very different.

I invited about 15 people, although you could invite more. I then issued every person with an XXXL cheap white t-shirt from ASDA. They were £1.50 each so not too expensive. I then said "Do whatever you want with it - cut it, dye it, sew it, accessorize it - as long as you wear it to the party" I asked everyone to keep their ideas secret to add to the surprise, but it could be done openly as well. It was great fun and had everyone talking about it.

Some people made theirs into nice dresses, others chose the fancy dress route. I really like the idea, as it leaves everything open. It can be free and low-effort for some, or wild and extreme for others. I had someone as a fish, one as a mystic, another as a hippie, Mary Poppins, Jesus, a car park, a roman, some nice dresses and I was a cave girl.

We all slept in a giant gazebo and had a barbecue. I put fairy lights all over the inside of the gazebo and we danced in our mad outfits! Everybody really enjoyed it and I would recommend it - your friends probably won't have heard of this before!

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Sep 29, 2010
thank you and good luck with your own ideas :)

Thank you for your comments :)
I came up with this idea and posted it here a while ago. I'm sorry if you feel I have named it misleadingly. Maybe it is childish and immature, but I did it for my 15th and everyone had a good time, so that is what I called it.
I don't care if you hate the idea, and your welcome to air your views but malicious and petty comments are, I think, pointless.
I'm sorry if you were expecting a drinking game or strip poker but this is a bit different and I'm pleased to have thought of it.
If anyone is inspired by my idea then I'm glad, even if its for an 8 year old's party.

Sep 29, 2010
So Cool Love The Idea
by: Anonymous

I Think Im Gunna Use This For My 13th Birthday Party Thanxx

May 17, 2010
Creative (:
by: Erin

I think thats pretty cool and definately different (: Sounds fun! not boring and serious like that other persons party will be..
"im sharing with my friend whos turning 16" blahblahblah shut up.

haha im turning 16 and having a gothic theme (:

May 06, 2010
by: Anonymous

okayy the person who had the balls to say that how lame that is. f you(:
i think its a really good. idea, however i would rather have people wear like their homecoming dress or something. but that was really creative & i like it(:

Feb 20, 2010
I like it......
by: :)

that sounds like a really good theme for creative people about 13 or 14 or something it sounds fun as it leaves it wide open for imagination. :)

Oct 05, 2009
Great Idea
by: www,

I love this idea, very creative.

Aug 28, 2009
Fancy Dress
by: Anonymous

I like your idea it seems fun and keeps everyone talking about it for a while !! Hope you had fun !! :)

Aug 19, 2009
by: Anonymous

i think it was brill idea actuli..
it was very clever & nt borin at all. =)

Jul 06, 2009
by: Anonymous

im sure thatd b... fun ? ... if u were A. turning 11 and B. were only having girls. for my 15th, im sharing it with my friend whose turning 16 and we want a theme less gay than wearing a cut up tshirt.

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