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This fun party game can be played indoors or outdoors so it's great for any party or get together with kids. (Submitted by Mel, Canada)



It's a great party game for killing time, and really challenges kids to focus on what is going on in front of them.

Grab a stick, and tell the children to watch what you do. They will need to copy you after you demonstrate it. Make sure it is a stick big enough to be tapped on the floor without you bending over and hurting your back.


While tapping the stick rhythmically on the ground, say: ‘Ok. This is my stick. This is My Dum Dum Stick.’

The aim is to have the word OK flow as part of whatever sentence you had before it. For example: “Do you want me to show you again? Ok, this is my stick…..” Or “I’ll show you again. Are you ready? Ok. This is my stick…”

Children will copy your pose, and focus generally on your physical movements, but it is the exact words that you are looking for.

When someone tries to copy (one at a time) you either say YES if they get it, or NO if they don’t, and move onto someone else. If you say YES, do not allow either yourself or them to explain what it is that they got correct. It will ruin it for everyone else.

If it takes a while before anyone gets it, cut them off with a NO after their first or second word (when they do not say OK) because this will encourage them to think about the beginning of the demonstration.


Try this fun party game the next time you have a bunch of kids together and want to kill some time.