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Do they dare tell the truth or will they have to face the consequences?!


The games on this page are best suited to teens, but they can be adapted for a younger age group. If you're looking for some ideas about what to write on your truth and dare papers click here.


What you will need:
Paper and writing tool
Tacks, darts, and a wall
Hose with running water (optional)


How to set up:
Write truths and dares on pieces of paper and then insert them into the balloons. Blow the balloons up and then use tacks to carefully hang them up on the wall. Attach the tack to the tied end of the balloon being careful not to pierce the inflated part of the balloon! If you haven't got a wall, tack the balloons to a tree.


How to play: 
Get the players to stand a certain distance from the wall and give them three darts. They then take turns throwing a dart at the balloons with the aim of popping one. When they pop a balloon they must look at the truth or dare and must do what it says. If they chicken out then they will get sprayed by the hose if you have one and you're outside, or come up with another punishment.


Submitted by: Samantha Ducey (Barre VT)


What you need:
Paper and pen



How to play:
The host of the party writes multiple truths or dares on small pieces of paper before the guests arrive. Stick one in each balloon and then blow the balloon up. You need to make as many balloons as there are people.Then have all the players sit in a circle and one at a time they choose a balloon and pop it only using their backside. Now they must perform the dare or answer the truth question that was in their balloon.


Submitted by: Emily (New Jersey)


If you want some ideas for truth or dare questions, one of our readers has compiled the following list:

Truth Questions:
Have you ever kissed a boy (or girl)?
Have you ever had a crush on your friend's boyfriend?
Most embarrassing thing anyone has ever said to you?
Do you sneak snacks when your Mom isn't looking?
What are you going to name your kids when you get married? How many?
If you had to choose between.... and ... who would you go out with?
What's the dumbest thing you ever said or did around a boy/girl you liked?
Would you go to school in a Minnie Mouse costume for $50.00?
If you had to go down the street to the end of the block at midnight would you have to take a friend or could you do it by yourself?
Do you still sleep with a stuffed animal?


Dare Activities:
Try licking your elbow while singing the alphabet.
Ask a neighbour for a roll of toilet paper.
For the duration of the game you must yell out exclamations randomly.
Sing "I love you, you love me" from Barney with all the motions.
Eat a bite out of a sandwich made from each person choosing one ingredient to put on the sandwich.
Stand outside with a sign that says "Honk if I'm cute!"
Prank call your mum.
Dance crazily to a song.