Funny Party Games

Funny Party Games for Kids and Teens

Funny party games are just so, well, funny! These party games are great for kids and teens and are perfect for a crowd.

The games below were submitted by visitors so if you have any great funny games or in fact any other birthday party game, then why not SUBMIT IT. The best ones gets published on this website!

Frozen Game

This super funny game is easily understood and is for everyone. 

How to play:

There is one judge, and everyone else plays "frozen". The judge goes around and tries to make the frozen people smile/laugh/move without touching them. So you can say a joke, make a silly noise, etc. If you laugh then you are considered dead. The dead people then join the judge and they too must make the rest of the people laugh. The last person in the game is the new judge
Submitted by: Jenna (Minnesota, USA)

The Giggle Game

What you need:
You need more than two people to play this game.
Z lot of space.

How to play:
One person lays on the ground then another person lays on the first persons stomach and so on. No more than 4 people though as otherwise the bottom person gets too squashed! The first person says "Ho ho ho ho..." however they want (fast, slow etc). Then the second person has to say "Ho ho ho" in the same pattern and so on. If you start laughing your out.
Submitted by: Kiera

The Quiet Game

This is a really fun game!! I played it at my sweet 16th last month. Everyone LOVED it so much we had to play again!!

How to Play:
You need to sit in triangle (this is vital for the game to work). You choose someone to be 'The Joker'. 'The Joker' then CRACKS a joke and anyone who laughs is out. 'The Joker' keeps CRACKING jokes until there is only one person left. The winner has to have a 'JOKE OFF' against 'The Joker' and the first one to make their opponent laugh wins!
Submitted by: Siena & Kyle W. (VIC)

Laugh Till you Lose It Game

What you Need:
Water, Cups

How to Play:
Pick someone to be the 'comedian' and then give everyone else a cup of water (one for each player). The comedian stands in front of the players, or to the side if you don't want to get spat on!. The other players then take a big swig of water and hold it in their mouth. The comedian then does or says something funny and tries to make them laugh and spit it out. The last person to spit their water out is the winner and takes the place of the comedian.

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