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Balloon party games are a must at any party!

Balloons are cheap to buy and yet they can provide the most fun. Most of these balloon games are brilliant for school age kids to teens and are sure to have you popping round the room!

Most of the balloon party games below were submitted by visitors so if you have a great balloon party game or in fact any other birthday party game, then why not SUBMIT IT. The best ones get published on this website!



What you need:


How to Play:
Have everyone blow up a balloon. Make sure everyone takes their shoes off.
Give each guest a piece of string or thread and have them tie the balloon around their ankles. The objective of the game is to stomp on everyone else's balloon. Whoever is the last person with a balloon tied around their ankle wins!


Submitted by: Bubble (England)


What you need:

  • Large group of people and put everyone in pairs
  • One balloon for each pair (ex: 14 people = 7 balloons)
  • Obstacle course such as hula-hoops, boxes, limbo stick, ect.
  • Stop watch
  • Optional prizes


How to play:

  1. Make an obstacle course consisting of going under limbo sticks, stepping over boxes, jumping across hula-hoops, etc
  2. Blow up each balloon for each pair group. When it is their turn, place the blown up balloon in between their backs and make them link arms.
  3. The partners that are up first then must go through all the obstacles as fast as they can while someone times them. If they drop their balloon they must start over. If they pop their balloon they could either be out of the contest or may start over with another balloon if you have extra.
  4. After all teams have taken their turn and been timed, compare the times. The partners with the fastest time wins.
  5. You may award the winning team with a prize or the top three teams depending on if you have a larger group.


Submitted by: Rebecca(USA)


Game for age 14+


You will need : 
Shaving cream/whipped cream
Balloons - 1 for each person
Safety Razors - 1 for each person


How to Play :
This is a bit of a messy game so have lots of paper towels available and a cloth to cover your table plus somewhere to wash up afterwards. Blow up the balloons and give each player a balloon and a safety razor.  Cover the balloon in shaving/whipped cream. Each player has to shave their balloon and whoever is the fastest to shave their balloon without it popping wins!



What you Need :

You will need at least 2 players (you can have as many as you want),
20 paper cups,
1 balloon per person participating and a stop watch or timer.


How to Play :
Set the cups on a table or other flat surface (not the floor) in rows of four and columns of 5, or vice verse. The goal is to blow all of the cups off of the table using your balloon. You blow up the balloon as much as you feel necessary and then using the air from the balloon you must blow down as many cups as you can. There will be cups left so blow up your balloon and repeat. You will be given a minute to blow down all the cups. The person who gets all the cups off the table in the fastest time wins!


What You Need: 
People (obviously)
A lot of inflated balloons


How You Play: 
To play this game, have everyone divide into pairs and give them a balloon per pair.
Then instruct everyone to sit down back-to-back with the balloon between their backs. Have them link arms. On the count of three, everyone tries to stand up without having the balloon pop. If it pops or if the balloon falls to the ground, then they have to start all over again. The first pair who achieves this WINS!!

You can have multiple variations such as:
1. Making it into a race to stand up, run around a cone, and come back.
2. Make it into an obstacle course.


Submitted by: Julia (Colorado)


What you Need: 
Black balloons
Something gooey e.g. spaghetti, jelly


How to Play :

  1. Use black balloons and have as many balloons as the amount of guests.
  2. Fill 1/3 of the balloons with some sticky, gooey, slimy stuffing – cooked spaghetti (still in a bit of water) works well or it can be wet and sticky (use a syringe) such as fruit juice, milkshake, give your imagination free reign depending on the crowd.
  3. Fill 1/3 of the balloons with candy and the last 1/3 with money notes, notes with prizes or notes with instructions to do something funny to the party host/hostess.
  4. Inflate the balloons. Hang a rope in the garden between two tall objects and attach all the balloons to the rope.
  5. Players are lined up at a distance. Each player receives a sharp object like a toothpick or wooden kebab stick. All players pick a balloon and run towards it at the same time, puncturing the balloon they have chosen. Some get candy (if the others do not grab it before them), some get notes, and a few lucky ones get covered in goo!


What you need:
Paper and pen
Small prizes


How to Play:
Get the exact number of balloons for people at your party. Before tying the balloon, put a small piece of paper in it that says a certain number. You need to make sure that you have assorted prizes (wrapping them is optional) that match all the numbers.
Your guests pick a balloon, pop it, and then get the corresponding prize that goes with its number.


Submitted by: Jillian (United States)


What you Need:
You will need 20 balloons, 2 chairs


How to Play:
For this game you will make two teams. Each team has a chair with a balloon on it. The aim of the game is to pop as many balloons as you can by sitting on the balloon. As soon as a balloon is popped your team must put another balloon on the chair. Both Teams will need a Team captain. The team captain will write down the numbers of balloons their team has popped.  The teams will have 2 minutes to pop 10 balloons. The team with the most balloons popped wins!!


Submitted by: Rachael



There are a lot of balloon party games. What's your favorite?