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The Murder Wink Game is basically murder by winking. There are lots of versions and here are some of my favorites.


It is a great teen party game and brilliant if you have a large group of people. The more people there are, the harder it is to guess the murderer!

The games below were submitted by visitors so if you have a different version of the Murder Wink Game or in fact any other birthday party game, then why not SUBMIT IT. The best ones gets published on this website!


What you need:


How to Play:
This is best played with a large group, but can be played with 8+ people. The players get into a circle. And one person is chosen to be the detective and goes into a different room. All other players close their eyes and put their heads down. One person in charge, looks at all the players and chooses one to be the 'Assassin" by gently tapping them on the shoulder. So no-one else knows who the assassin is. Once the 'Assassin' is chosen everyone lifts their heads and tells the detective to come back in. Now the Assassin starts winking at people that they make eye contact with. The detective must look carefully and try to find out who the assassin is. Once the assassin is found, a whole new round starts.


Submitted by: Janelle Bober (Colorado, USA )


What you need:


How to play:
This is a fun game for older kids about 12+, and is best if you have 12+ people. You make two teams but you want one team to have one more person than the other team BUT ONLY ONE EXTRA!  You then set out chairs in a circle. The number of chairs depends on the numbers in each team. So for example if there are 15 people, one team will have 8 people and the other will have 7. So set out eight chairs and the team of 7 sit in the chairs. You will have one empty chair. Then the team of 8 each stands behind a chair. The person who is standing behind an empty chair must now wink at someone who's sitting in a chair. If you get winked at, you must quickly run round the outside of the circle to the empty chair. But the person standing behind the empty chair needs to try and stop you by grabbing you from behind. If you make it to the empty chair, then the person who now has the empty chair winks at someone else and so on. If you don't make it to the empty chair, then the winker must wink again at someone else. There is no 'winning' in this game. After a little bit you then switch so the sitting team becomes the standing team.


Submitted by: Camper


What you need:
Paper and pen


How to play:
You need to chose one player to be the murderer but the other players mustn't know who it is. You could do this by folding up small pieces of paper. Leave them all blank except for one piece on which you write 'M' (for murderer). Have everyone pick a piece of paper. Then you all stand in a circle and hold hands. The murderer then squeezes the hand of the person on their right as many times as they want. When they stop squeezing, the person next to them squeezes the hand of the person on their right but they must do one less squeeze than the person before them. Keep going round the circle until you are down to one squeeze. The person that this lands on then falls to the ground and pretends to be dead. The other players now have to try and guess who the murderer is. They get one guess each. Once he/she is found the game is over.



What you need:

Paper and pen, bowl


How to play:
This game is a twist on wink murder. It is better if you have more people and if you play it in the yard. First you get paper as many pieces as the players and you write Grim Reaper on one then Cop on one (or two if you want) then you leave the other pieces blank. Put all the papers in a hat or bowl and everyone picks one. No peeking at other people's paper and don't tell anyone what you have. If you have the Grim Reaper then you have to try to kill people by either taping them on the shoulder or telling them they're dead with out anyone seeing you. If you are tapped on the shoulder, then you are dead and must lie down on the ground. If you are the Cop then you can't be killed. You must also try and work out who the grim reaper is. However if the grim reaper tries to kill the cop then the cop wins the game. The Grim Reaper wins if he manages to kill everyone, except the cop, before the cop catches him.


Submitted by: Jamie (U.S.A)