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10 Great Tag Party Games for Kids and Teens

Tag party games are not just for little kids because most of these games have been submitted by tweens and teens!. Tag games are great birthday party games if you have a crowd and they take little preparation.

The party games below were submitted by visitors so if you have any great tag party games or in fact any other birthday party game, then why not SUBMIT IT. The best ones gets published on this website!

Ghost In The Graveyard


How to Play:
One person is chosen to be the "ghost" they go and hide while everyone else stays where they started. Whilst the 'Ghost' goes to hide, the other players close their eyes and count one one-thousand, two one-thousand, three one-thousand etc... Then they yell "MIDNIGHT" telling the ghost they are looking for him/her. Once someone finds the ghost they have to run back to the base and yell "GHOST IN THE GRAVEYARD". everyone runs whilst the ghost tries to tag someone. If the ghost tags you then you are out and then become the ghost. 

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Flour Tag

What You Need:
1 pantyhose/knee high stocking per person
Plenty of flour

How To Play:
First fill your stocking up about half way with flour. Then you tie a good knot right above the flour. Then go find a spacious outside area and when the games starts, you all race after each other and try to hit all your opponents with the flour! The original rules are that when you are hit once you are out, or you could just kept pelting each other with the stockings!
Submitted by: Brittany (Lavaca, Arkansas, U.S.)

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Monkeys On The Ground

Jungle gym or park with a jungle gym

How to play:
One person is "it". That person has to close their eyes and count to a certain number. By the time the person who is "it" is finished counting, all players have to be off of the ground. The person who is "it" has to keep their eyes closed and walk around the jungle gym, attempting to tag people. If you are tagged you are out. The others can talk and move around from place to place, even go on the ground. When the person who is "it" calls "Monkeys on the ground?", the players answer "YES" if someone is on the ground and then that person is out of the game. If the players answer "NO", the game continues until a person is tagged or is on the ground when the tagger says "monkeys on the ground." Whomever is "it" can call "monkeys on the ground" as many times as they want but there must be gap of at least 10 seconds before they can say it again. Once all the players have been caught, then the last one out becomes then next "it".
Submitted by: Livy


What you Need:

How to Play:
This game can be played inside or outside but must be in the dark! One person has a cellphone and hides somewhere in the dark whilst the other players try to find him/her. He/she can give clues about where they are hiding. Eg. Calling the home phone or one of the other players cellphone. They can keep hiding in different places in order not to be found but once they have been spotted it's game over!
Submitted by: Talisha (Australia)


How to Play :
An outdoor hide-and-seek game.....with a twist!  This game is best played in a large area with lots of places to hide (woods, trees, bushes, etc.). All players are split into two teams along with a base for each team. One team counts for two minutes (against a garage door is best), while the other team members all hide. They don't hide together and it is best if they spread out. The aim of the game is for the team which is hiding to try and get to their base without being tagged by the other team. Note : The team searching is not allowed to stand guard on the other team's base.  It is really fun when played at night with lots of teens! 
Submitted by: Darla (New Jersey)

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Cat Chase

Items needed: 
A sock for every player, except one.

Choose one player to be the Dog Leader. The rest of the players are cats. Have the cats take a sock and push the end down in their pants, creating the cats' "tails". Now have the Dog Leader chase the cats, trying to pull their tail off. If a cat's tail is pulled off they sit down where they are tagged and become a dog. Dogs can tag cats running by but they have to remain seated in the same spot. The winner is the last cat standing and in the next round they become the Dog Leader.
Submitted by: Cami (Alabama)

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Stuck Game

How to Play :
One player is a catcher that tries to catch the other players. However when the catcher is close to a player, the player is allowed to say "STUCK". The player then stays stuck until a player who hasn't said stuck yet can 'high five' the stuck player's hand and he is then back in the game. Note: When the player is stuck he is NOT allowed to move at all. If all the players are stuck then the first one who became stuck is the catcher. Alternatively if the catcher catches a player, then that player is the catcher.
Submitted by: Amy Jonson (Amman, Jordan )

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Hugging Tag Game

What you need:
This game requires at least 10 or more people , it would be better if it is an even number.

How to play:
One person will be 'it'. The goal is to touch someone's tummy (only tummy counted) and then that person becomes 'it'. The only way to avoid being 'it' is to hug someone but you can only hug in pairs (no group hugs). Or you can go solo and run around without being tummy-touched. If everyone wants to hug, there will be one extra person who is un-hugged, if played with an even number of people. The 'it' can go up to a hugging pair and count 1, 2, 3. By the count of 3, the pair must separate and run away. The game continues on till someone stops it.
Submitted by: Asyiqin (Singapore)

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Hide and Go Seek in the Dark Tag!

Outside/inside and in the dark!

How to play!:
First you choose someone to be 'it'. Everyone else goes off to hide whilst 'it' counts to 100. 
Then 'it' has to go off and find people. People can move about and change their hiding place. When 'it' sees someone they will run after them and try to tag them! Once 'it' tags someone then they too become a tagger.  When everyone, except one person, has been tagged it will be really hard for the last hider to hide! 
Submitted by: Nicole (South Carolina)

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Three Lives Tag

How to Play:
Choose someone to be 'it'. Everyone else starts by holding up three fingers, which represents the number of lives you have. 'It' then runs after people, trying to tag them. Every time you get tagged, you spread your legs wide open for someone to go under to un-tag you. After they go through then you hold up two fingers because you now have two lives left. The last person with at least one finger up is the winner.
Submitted by: Amber Leigh Laster (Roanoke, Va)

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