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What's better than some passing party games to get the party going. These games are perfect for a tween or teens birthday party

The games below were submitted by visitors so if you have a great passing party games or in fact any other birthday party game, then why not SUBMIT IT. The best ones gets published on this website!



What you need:


How to play:
Split into teams of about 4 - 6 people and have everyone line up in their teams.

Take an orange and have the person at the beginning of the line hold it between their chin and their chest.

They then have to pass the orange down the line of people without using their hands.

If they drop it everyone has to start over.


Submitted by: Anna (London)


What you Need:
Teddy bear


How to Play :
In this game, you'll require a nice, big teddy and of course, lots of players.

When everyone is seated together in a circle, pass the teddy around and tell everyone to each kiss one part of it.

After everyone is done with kissing the teddy, give them the shocking news.....Tell them to kiss the person on their right on exactly the same part which they had kissed the teddy!


Submitted by: Ebony Gail Santos (Kuwait)



What you need:
Nail varnish
You also might want newspaper on the floor for this!


How to play:
Everyone sits in a circle and randomly pass out some bottles of nail varnish. Not everyone has to have a bottle.

When the music starts, the nail varnish is passed around. When the music stops, the people with a nail varnish bottle in their hands paints one of their toe nails.

Keep going until someone has painted all their toe nails.

The person with the most nails of the same color wins!


Submitted by: Zayzay (Isle of Wight, England)


You'll need:
A gift wrapped in 20 layers of gift wrap. Put chocolate in each layer but the last layer, put a gift.


How to play:
Everyone sits In a circle and rolls a dice.

If you roll a six you get to unwrap one layer of gift wrap, only one. Then pass the dice to the next person.

Everyone must take it in turns to keep trying to get a six.

The game ends when someone gets down to the gift.

They then keep it.


Submitted by: Grillergorilla2 (Exfarm)


What you need:


How to play:
First you need a group of people sitting or standing in a room.

Whomever starts gets a piece of paper and inhales deeply with the paper on their lips.

The person to their right must act as if they were kissing the other player. The first player then exhales, as the paper gets blown right to the other player's lips.

It is the other players job to inhale and get the paper on their lips. This continues around the circle.

But be careful if you don't catch the paper you might end up actually kissing the person passing the paper to you!


Submitted by: Gilly (New York)


What you Need:
Spoons - one for each player
Packet of M&M's


How to Play:
Form a circle and then everyone puts the handle of a spoon in their mouth.

Then put a M&M on someone's spoon. That person will try and pass the M&M to the next person without using their hands.

If someone drops it, they are out. Once it makes it around the circle one time you add another M&M.

Every time it comes to the person who started you add another M&M.

If the starting player drops it then the next player in line becomes the starting player.


Submitted by: LillianHead65