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Dress Up Party Games are always fun to play at a birthday party. They are great for groups and for all ages. Fashion fun at its best!

The party games below were submitted by visitors so if you have a great Dress Up game or in fact another birthday party game, then why not SUBMIT IT.

The best ones gets published on this website!



What you need:
Lots of toilet paper and chairs.


How to play:
Every one at the party has to get into partners and then they are handed a few rolls of toilet paper. One person out of the pair then has to wrap their partner to the chair using the toilet paper. Once the wrapping is complete the mummy than has to try to stand up with the chair attached to them in the sitting position.


Submitted by: Stella (Aus)


What you need:
Trash bag, lots of clothes for boys and girls


How to Play:
Get a black trash bag and fill it with clothes for both girls and boys. Then take turns reaching into the bag and whatever item you pull out whether girl or boy, you have to put the item on. You carry on taking turns until the trash bag is empty.


Submitted by:  Panda (Colorado)


What you need:
Bin bags,  material scraps, other items such as newspapers, dish cloth, ribbon, string


How to Play:
Get into equal teams of 2 or 3 people. One person is chosen to be the model and the others are the designers. Give each set of designers a bin bag with the materials in and their aim is to dress their model in an outfit.  Set a timer of about 10 minutes and once the time is up,  the models have to do a parade in front of the teams. Each team then writes down in secret a score out of 10 for each model. Once all the scores have been done, add them up and the team with the most points wins. You can't score your own team!


Submitted by: Lacey (California)


What you need:
2x tops
2x pants
2x hats
2x accessories


How to play:
Everybody splits into two teams whilst another person like your mum or dad, hides all the clothes around the house. One person from each team becomes a mannequin and their job is to stand still while the other people in the team line up behind them. When all the clothes are hidden the first player must go and find one item and bring it back to their team. Then they must quickly put it on the mannequin. Whilst they are doing this the second player must rush off to find another item of clothing. NB no two items can be the same. The first team with their mannequin fully dressed is the winner.


Submitted by: Gracie (Victoria)



What you need:
Socks - lots!


How to Play:
Collect lots of socks (big, small or whatever size you like) and put them in the center of the playing area. Have everyone sit in a circle around the socks. Set a specific time (1 min would be perfect) or you could change it according to difficulty. Start the timer and let each person try to put on as many socks as possible in the given time. The person who is wearing the most socks when the time is up, is the winner.


Submitted by: Arushi (Mumbai)


What you Need: 
1 to 2 rolls of tin foil per team and a timer


How to play:
Split into teams and set the timer for 5 minutes. Have one person be "it" and have the other people on their team decorate and make a "cool" outfit and a hat for the person but only using tin foil. When everybody is ready, have someone announce the person and what they are wearing and have them model their lovely outfits :). Give prizes for the best/most creative outfit at your dress up party games.


Submitted by:  Lori (USA)