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These teen Food Party Game ideas can get very messy but they are guaranteed fun!

The games below were submitted by visitors so if you have any great food party game ideas or in fact any other birthday party game, then why not SUBMIT IT. The best ones gets published on this website!



Submitted by: Rachel (New York)


What you Need:
Plates and bowls
Fun & weird food items


How to Play:
In advance prepare a selection of fun and weird food such as baby food, prunes, etc.

Place one item of food on a plate and cover it with a bowl so it is hidden. Once you have filled all the plates, you then assign a number out of 5 to each food item with 5 being the grossest and 1 being the tastiest.

Divide the players into 2 teams. It is best to have the same number of plates as you do of people per team so if you had 10 players, you would have 10 plates of food.

The first player in each team selects a plate. Then he/she has to finish the whole food item.

If they eat it all their team gets the corresponding points. If they can't eat it or don't finish it, then they get zero points.

So it pays to pick the food item with the highest points but then it could also be the grossest!

The team with the most points wins a prize.


Submitted by: Lena


What you need :
Paper cups, food, spoons, bowl, paper


How to Play :
Fill little opaque paper cups about 1/4 of the way (depending on size) with either mashed up food or baby food.

Put plastic wrap over top and use masking tape to put numbers on the cups. Then, get a bowl and on tiny pieces of paper, write the numbers.

Call the kids into the room and the youngest goes first. They pick out a number, put on a blindfold, and taste the food in the cup with the same number on.

They only have 10 seconds to guess what the food is. If they get it wrong, then they lose.

Whoever guesses correctly within 10 seconds gets a prize. The other players can not shout or give hints or they will be disqualified.


Submitted by: Meanness Blossom (USA)


You'll need:
Whatever food you want
Customized menus


Let's start!
Make up names for the party food such as "jiggle brown" for chocolate pudding and "fishy swimmers" for goldfish crackers.

Make sure the fake name doesn't give  too many clues as to what the item is or tastes like. Then write all the names on a menu card.

Have each party guest order 4 things off the menu, a 3 course meal with a drink.

Make the guest take at least one bite of each dish unless they are allergic. Let the guests reorder if they want to!


Submitted by: Debz (Etobicoke, Canada)


You will need (for each player):
A plastic plate,
Whipped cream,
and a piece of bubble gum


How to Play:
Firstly you place the piece of bubble gum in the middle of the plate and then squeeze a mountain of whipped cream on top of the gum so it is totally hidden.

The teens are then lined up with the plate in front of them on a table. The teens then put their hands behind their backs.

They then have to bend over the cream and using just their mouth (NO HANDS ALLOWED) they have to try and find the gum.

Once they have picked up the gum in their mouth, they then must blow a bubble.


Submitted by: Ellie (New York)


What you Need:


How to Play:
Each person receives a lollipop. Select one person to be the Question Master.

They must ask questions such as ; "Do you have blonde hair", "Are you wearing red socks?" and so on.

If you can answer "Yes" to a question then you get to lick your lollipop for 30 seconds. Not biting it!

When the 30 seconds is up, then he asks another question.

The winner is the first person to finish their lollipop!



Submitted by: Fiona (Minnesota)


What you need:
Jars of baby food, spoons, music


How to play:
Sit everyone in a circle and give each person a spoon.

Have music playing and make the teens pass around a jar of baby food.

When the music stops, the person with the jar must take a bite with their own spoon.


Submitted by: Taylor Grimm (Scottville, Michigan)


What you Need : 
Glazed/iced doughnuts (one for each player)
Command tape


How to Play: 
Attach some command strips to your ceiling. Then take a glazed doughnut and tie a string to it and then wrap the string around the command strip so that the doughnut is hanging from the ceiling.

Have enough doughnuts so there is one for each player.

Have players put their hands behind their backs and then say "GO!" The players have to try and eat their doughnut as quickly as possible and the first one to finish is the winner.

If for some reason there is a tie, a winner will be determined by eating a second doughnut!


Submitted by: Emily (Albany)


You Need: Packet of Oreo biscuits

Each player puts an Oreo on their forehead and with only using their facial expressions they must try and get the cookie into their mouth.

It looks really funny when people are doing it.

They just have to keep squinting until they get the cookie into their mouth!