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Acting games for kids and teens are great ice breakers and great for a crowd too.


These games also go really well with my DRAMA PARTY THEME where you'll find lots of cool ideas about drama and theatre, including more games.

The games below were submitted by visitors so if you have a great acting party game or in fact any other birthday party game, then why not SUBMIT IT. The best acting games for kids and teens get published on this website!


by Faith Williams


What you need :
For each team you will need a bag and some everyday household items.


How to Play :
This game was a HIT at my last party!

Find the same amount of different household items for each group and put them into a bag.

Separate the party guests into even groups. Give each team 5 - 10 minutes to create a play or commercial, etc. using ALL the items from their bag.


by Brya
(Kent, Washington)

What you Need:



How to Play:
This game is good for playing with people you don't know that well.  Everyone takes a turn saying three statements about themselves - two that are true, and one that's a lie. The rest of the group has to guess which one's the lie.

I actually played it in my drama class, we were laughing the whole time.



What you Need:
Blank cards, pen, 2 bowls


How to Play:
In advance, on half the cards write the name of a character such as: "fireman", "doctor", "life guard", "baby" and so on. On the other cards, write the name of a situation such as: "buying shoes", "late for school", "having a party". Now put the cards into the bowls putting the characters in one bowl and the situations in the other.

Divide everyone into pairs. The first pair must choose a card from each bowl and their mission is to act out (miming only!) a sketch so that the audience (other players) can guess what their character is and in what situation. Set a timer for about 3 minutes.

If the audience guess within the time, then they each get a point but if they don't then the actors get a point.