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Here are two game ideas for a Birthday Party with a smaller crowd.

by Daniel (England)



Two people sit opposite each other and put their hands together in front of themselves close to their opponent.

Whoever goes first has to try to slap their opponent's hands and their opponent has to pull their hands away.

If they slap their hands, they get another go and keep going until they miss. It's then their opponent's turn to try to slap them.

To make it more interesting, you can blindfold one of them while the other can see!

You may think that this is unfair but I have been soundly beaten by blindfolded opposition and been told by one opponent that being blindfolded was an advantage as she could concentrate more!



This game is great for all ages, and it teaches the younger children to focus and pay attention.

This is an outdoor game and you will need a large enough space for your group of children to run from one side to the next, and dodge people in the middle.

Have someone as a chaser, who is named Red Rover, and everyone else to line up facing the Chaser. The aim is for people to get from one side of the pitch to the other, without getting tagged.


Red Rover, in the middle, is responsible for calling people over. They may say ‘Red Rover Calls Over People Wearing Black Pants.’ At that time anyone wearing black pants must run and try to get to the other side without being tagged. If they are tagged, they become a chaser, too. If they make it to the other side, they are safe.

Red Rover can call anything, and here are some suggestions:
• People with a birthday in June
• People wearing hats
• People whose name starts with an A
• People with no shoes on
• People with blonde hair

All people must be gone from one side of the pitch before Red Rover can turn around and call them back the other way.

At any point, Red Rover can call ‘All Over, Red Rover,’ and everyone must run at the same time.
The game ends when everybody has been caught. Generally, the last one standing is the Red Rover next time you play.


These game ideas for a birthday party are a lot of fun. Try them the next time you have a bunch of people together.


Escape room games are the perfect activity to absolutely own birthday parties! They require teamwork and creative thinking, and so really shine among close groups of friends.

An escape room game will require the kids to work together to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles in order to conquer a grander challenge (whether that be escaping an ancient egyptian tomb, or sabotaging the WAR facility of an oppressive government). Challenges like this are the stuff of children's daydreams, which is one reason why the kids absolutely love them!

What's more, is you can do it! It's easy to set up a magical escape room experience in your own home, all you really need is paper and some imagination!

Read more here, and get to hosting your own unforgettable escape room party!