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The Never Have I Ever Game is a really popular teen party game. There are several different versions but here are a few.


The games below were submitted by visitors so if you have a great Never Have I Ever party game or in fact any other birthday party game, then why not SUBMIT IT. The best ones gets published on this website!


What you need:
Chairs - one for each player


How to Play:
This game is a lot of fun for all ages you need to make sure you have chairs (ex: if you have 20 people you need 19 chairs). You will have one person stand in the middle and everyone else sits on a chair. The person in the middle will say "Never have I ever..." and then pick something they have never done (ex: NEVER HAVE I EVER been on a boat ride). Then everyone on the chairs if they 'HAVE' done that has to get up and finds another chair. The person in the middle also has to try and sit on a chair. The last one standing is the next one in the middle.


What you Need:
Gummy bears or other small candy


How to Play:
Each player has a set number of gummy bears  and one person will say for example something like "I've never had a first kiss". If you HAVE had a first kiss then you eat a gummy bear and then tell everyone the details of what you did. The first person to finish their gummy bears has to do a dare that the whole group decides upon. It's great for anyone 13 and older and it gets really funny the longer you play. Plus you learn a lot about each other (perfect to find out stuff about you crush).


Submitted by: Candace (Meta, Missour, USA )


Nothing is needed except your hands. Everyone sits in a circle and the host/or hostess starts by saying "I have/ have never..." Then those who have/haven't get rid of a finger. So if i was the hostess I would say... (for instance) "I have kissed a boy!" and those who haven't kissed a boy must loose a finger. The last one with fingers wins! This is a fun game that is probably going to work better for teens!


Submitted by: Corina Sage Lewis (Lexington, Kentucky)



What you need:


How to Play: 
Everyone sits in a circle with a pile of candy in the middle of the floor. Everyone then takes turns saying something that they have NEVER done before. For example you could say : "I have never stayed up for 24 hrs." Then whoever has (stayed up for 24 hours for example) takes a piece of candy and gets to eat it. Just keep playing the game until you run out of candy!


Submitted by:  Lauren (USA)