Chocolate Party Game

If you love chocolate then the Chocolate Party Game is for you! There are 3 different versions below, so take your pick.

The party games below were submitted by visitors so if you have a great chocolate party game or in fact any other birthday party game, then why not SUBMIT IT. The best ones get published on this website!

The Chocolate Game - version 1

A large block of chocolate,
Knife and fork
Two dice.

How to Play :
Firstly, someone will roll the two dice and try and get a double six. If they do get a double six then they use the butter knife and fork to try and a piece of chocolate and then eat it. You can only cut and eat one piece at a time.  They continue cutting the chocolate whilst the dice is still being passed around in a circle and until someone else gets a double six. When someone else gets a double six, then they get to take the knife and fork and it is their turn to cut and eat the chocolate. The game is over when all the chocolate is eaten!
Submitted by: Jessica (Australia)

The Chocolate Game - version 2

You will need:
Some clothes or accessories e.g. Scarf, sandals, jacket, and hat.
Block of chocolate
Knife and fork

How to play:
Everybody sits in a circle. Place the chocolate (unwrapped) and the knife and fork in the middle of the circle of people. Place the items of clothing or accessories out of the circle.
Everyone has a turn at rolling the dice, it goes around the circle until somebody rolls a 6. 
When you roll a 6, you quickly get up and put on all the clothing, then run back into the circle and cut up and eat the chocolate 1 square at a time. Whilst this person is dressing and eating, everyone else is constantly rolling the dice to try and roll a 6. Then, when somebody else rolls a 6, the person who had just had their go eating the chocolate will quickly undress, and give it to the next person. Keep going until the chocolate is all gone.
Submitted by: Kelsie (New Zealand)

The Chocolate Game - version 3

Smarties in a bowl
Chop sticks

How to Play:
What you do is sit in a circle and place a bowl of smarties in the center. Everyone takes it in turns to roll the dice. When someone rolls a six, they have to quickly go to the center of the circle and attempt to eat as many smarties as possible using the chop sticks. NO fingers allowed! As soon as someone else rolls a 6, they must stop and the person with the 6 has a go at eating the smarties.

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