Chocolate Games

Chocolate games for kids

What is it about chocolate games that get everyone in a frenzy of excitement? Simple answer......Chocolate is just so delicious!

These birthday party games are always popular but just make sure you have a lot of chocolate as the kids are known to sneak a few extra pieces :-)

If you've played some fun chocolate games, then I would love to hear about them. Many of the birthday party games on this website have been submitted by you visitors. Click here to submit your game idea.

Chocolate Games

The Original Chocolate Game
Equipment: Chocolate bars, plate, knife and fork, funky clothes, dice
Place a block of chocolate on a plate and put in the middle of a circle full of kids. Also put a pile of clothes on the floor too. The kids then take turns rolling a dice - they roll it and then pass it on to the player sitting to their right.  The aim is to roll the number 6.  If you get a 6 you have to quickly get up and put on three items of clothing (you put them on top of your real clothes) and then try cutting some chocolate with a knife and fork. If you cut a piece you get to eat it. Whilst the person is trying to cut and eat the chocolate, the others must continue to roll the dice and try and get a 6. If someone gets a 6, the player with the knife and fork must stop immediately and pass the cutlery to the player who just rolled a 6. The last player who rolled a 6 must then put the clothes on and try cutting some chocolate before someone else rolls a 6. And so the game goes on till the chocolate is finished!
Submitted by Emma (New Zealand)

Chocolate Roulette
Equipment: Chocolate bars, ice cube trays, heat source, fridge, dice
Take a bar of chocolate, melt it and pour a small amount into individual ice cube trays. In one of the trays add a nasty surprise (we used a cardamon seed to give a harmless but horrible flavor). Then place the ice cube trays into the fridge to cool and solidify. Using a dice, the children take turns to throw a six. Any child that throws a six then takes a chocolate to eat. They know that one of the chocolates is a trick so it is just waiting for the moment when luck runs out! 
Submitted by Pat (Essex)

----- Chocolate Games -----

Guess How Many
Equipment: M&M's, jar
In advance, fill a big jar with M&M's (you could use Smarties or other sweets). The kids have to guess how many M&M's are in the jar. The person who guesses the nearest; gets to win the whole jar. Lucky them!

Rolo Towers
Equipment: Rolos (lots), paper plates, dice
Sit the kids in a circle and give each a paper plate. In the center of the circle have a big bowl of Rolos. The kids take it in turns to roll the dice. They must throw a 1 to start and then they can place one Rolo on their plate. Once they have their first Rolo on their plate, they must then try an build a Rolo tower depending on what number they roll. 

1 = place 1 Rolo on your tower
2 = place 2 Rolos on your tower
3 = Miss a turn
4 = Take a Rolo from a player on your left
5 = Take a Rolo from a player on your right
6 = EAT a Rolo!
If their tower falls over, they are out of the game but they get to keep their Rolos. The first person to build a tower of 6 rolos is the winner.

----- Chocolate Games -----

Smartie Suckers
Equipment: Smarties or M&M's, paper plates, straws
Give each child a straw and 2 plates (one empty and one with a set number of smarties on). On the whistle, the kids have to suck up a smartie onto the end of their straw and drop it onto the empty plate. They have to do this as fast as they can. If they drop a smartie before it reaches the plate, then they must leave it where it is. When the timer is up (say 2 minutes), count the number of smarties on each person's plate and subtract the number that got dropped, to give you a score. The winner is the person with the highest score.

Willy Wonkas Golden Tickets
Equipment: Small chocolate bars with wrappers, golden tickets (use gold shiny paper and marker pens)
In advance, make a couple of Willy Wonka golden tickets and insert one each into a couple of chocolate bars. You will need to unwrap the bars carefully to do this. Then hide the bars around the party area. Get the kids all excited and tell them they are going on a chocolate hunt to find the golden tickets. On the blow of a whistle, the kids all rush off to find the chocolate bars. Whoever gets the golden tickets gets a special prize.
Top Tip:  Depending on the size of the chocolate bars, I wouldn't hide too many as the kids might then have a chocolate overload.

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