Hawaiian Party For A 13+ Year Old

by Lola

When I turned 13, I wanted to do something with my friends to make it special. So I had a Hawaiian party.

Me and my friends had to come dressed in a grass skirt, skimpy top (or bikini top) with a flower garland round our neck. We had a bouncy castle and a paddling pool, and partied until 11:30 with our music blasting out in the garden. It was great fun!

Accessories included:
> Hawaiian Cardboard Cups (factory shop, £1 for 14)
> Hawaiian Birthday Banner (factory shop, £2)
> A Piñata of a Sombrero (factory shop, £10)
> Lots of Balloons (factory shop, £2 for a pack of 27)

We had food on the outside table, ipods on the ipod speakers and a whole lot of fun.

Food Consisted Of:
> Samosas
> Crisps
> Sausage Rolls
> Spicy Wraps
> Onion Barjis
> Cucumber/Tomatoes
> However it depends on what you and your friends like to eat.

I totally recommend it as we had loads of fun, it was the perfect way to become a teenager with my friends :)

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