Hide and Seek Games

Hide and Seek is a great birthday party game as it takes very little organising.

Hide and Seek games are what every kid and teens knows. They are great as a party game as there is little preparation needed and they work well with a crowd. So let's start with these fun versions below.

The birthday party games below were submitted by visitors so if you have a great Hide n Seek party game or in fact any other birthday party game, then why not SUBMIT IT. The best ones gets published on this website!

Hide and Seek Games

Breakout Game

This game can be played inside or outside but we played it inside and it worked just fine. Just make sure your guests know the boundaries (just the basement is what we did).

How to play:
First you pick a jail such as a couch, and one person to be "IT". Then that person counts to 30 and the rest hide within the boundaries. Then it's sort of like hide and seek. When you are caught, "IT" pulls you to jail and leaves. You lose a life but you can still escape and hide elsewhere. You have three lives during the game. The game ends when "IT" gives up or "IT" catches everyone.  Here are some other rules: 
* "IT" can only bring one hider back at a time, 
* You can trick "IT" and hide in the jail and you don't even lose a life. 
* You can't start off in jail or else you will lose a life. 
Submitted by: Haley (Roma, Italia)

Snuggle Muncher Game

The aim of the game is to not be the last one to find the Snuggle Muncher. The room has to be very dark and everyone stands around the room and someone that is not taking part taps someone on the shoulder, the person that gets tapped is then the "Snuggle Muncher". The Snuggle Muncher has to go and hide somewhere in the room and everyone else walks about trying to find where the Snuggle Muncher is and whispering, "Are you the Snuggle Muncher"?. If they are then they hide with them. But if they are not then they have to keep going looking for the Snuggle Muncher.
Submitted by: Taylor J (East Kilbride)

The Wolf and Sheep Game

Choose an area to be the sheep pen and then choose one person to be the wolf whilst everyone else are the sheep. The sheep go to the pen and close their eyes and count to 60. Meanwhile the wolf goes off to hide. On the count of 60 the sheep come out of the pen and attempt to find the wolf. If the playing area is large, every now and then the wolf can howl to direct the sheep. Once a sheep finds the wolf, he must shout "WOLF". The wolf then jumps out and tries to catch a sheep whilst the sheep must run as fast as possible back to the pen. If a sheep is caught, the game starts again with the same wolf. If the wolf doesn't catch a sheep then someone else gets to be the wolf.

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