Pitta Pockets

The beauty of these Pitta Pockets is that you can fill them with whatever you wish and they are easy for kids to hold especially if you buy the smaller pitta breads.

Pitta Pockets

They are great filled with cold fillings such as ham, tuna, cheese etc and also work just as well for burgers and sausages.

You choose!

Ingredients for Pitta Pockets

1 or 2 mini pitta breads per person

Suggested fillings: 

  • Humus, 
  • Sliced cucumber, 
  • Sliced tomato, 
  • Sliced cold chicken or ham
  • Sausages and burgers
  • Any type of cheese, 
  • Skewered meatballs, 
  • Mashed hard boiled egg with mayonnaise. 

or whatever you and the kids like.

How to Make Pitta Pockets

  1. Assemble and prepare the ingredients of your choice.
  2. Warm the pitta breads under the grill for 1 minute on each side.
  3. Slit them open and pack with the filling.

Suggestion: For older kids you could have the fillings laid separately on the table and they could then make their own pitta pockets.

Savory Party Food Cook Books

I have found it so hard to find just one cook book dedicated to kids savory party food.Most have lots of extra bits about planning and decorating that I don't necessarily want.

So I have done a bit of searching and come up with the 3 that I consider the best in terms of savory kids party food ideas. Take your pick.

Do You Have a Kids Party Recipe that you want to share?

If you have a kids party recipe that you think others would like, then tell me about it!

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