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These construction party games and activities are what every busy construction worker needs in order to let off steam.


And they are perfect for getting them building, creating and working as a team.

Most of these construction party games and activities are best played outside but if you are short on space or are indoors then just adapt them to your needs.

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Handy Hint: If you are giving out prizes during the construction party games, a fun idea is to issue each child with a tool belt or nail apron and then give small plastic tools as prizes which the kids can pop into their belt or apron. Try and make sure that every child wins a tool to avoid any tears.


Wheelbarrow Driver

Set up an obstacle course using traffic cones or cardboard boxes - set up two lanes. Have a pile of sand at the start line. Split them into two teams and give each team a child sized wheelbarrow and a shovel.

On the blow of a whistle, the first team member must load a shovel of sand into his wheelbarrow and then push it round the obstacle course and back again. When he reaches the end, he must then tip out the sand and then the next team member has a go. Fastest team to finish wins.


Builder Bob

Split the kids into teams and line them up at one end of the garden. At the other end of the playing area have a box of tools (have enough tools as there are the number of players) and workmen's hat placed next to the box.


Nominate one person in each team to be 'Builder Bob' and give him/her a tool belt to wear.

On the start whistle, the first team member must rush to the tool box, grab a tool, run back to their team and place it in Builder Bob's tool belt. Then the next team member goes. Once Builder Bob has a full tool belt he must race to grab the workman's hat and place it on his head.

The first Builder Bob to put the hat on is the winner.

Pin The Arm On The Crane

On poster paper, draw a picture of a large crane (minus the arm). Make the crane arm separately out of stiff card. Blindfold each child and get them to pin the arm on the crane. The person nearest to the correct point is the winner.

Digging For Tools

This is one of my favorite construction party games and the kids just love the thrill of finding something.

In a large sandbox, bury lots of small plastic tools and nuts and bolts. Give each child a bucket and spade and getting them digging. The child who finds the most items is declared the 'Master Digger'.

Tower Builder

Get together as many wooden building blocks as you can. The children then have to see who can build the tallest tower within a set time limit. If you haven't got wooden blocks consider using tin cans or any small boxes that you might have.

Fill The Bucket

Split them into teams and give each team a bucket of rocks (rolled up newspaper balls). Place a separate empty bucket a few feet away. Have a bucket for each team and adjust the distance depending on the throwing skills of the age group. Each team must then throw their rocks into their empty bucket. The team who gets the most rocks into the bucket gets a prize.

Top tip: You'll need to roll the newspaper balls as tight as possible as otherwise they will be too light to throw.

Find My Tools

Hide a number of kid's plastic tools around the garden including one special tool which you could tie a yellow ribbon round. Send them off to find as many tools as they can and the person with the most and/or the special tool gets a prize.

Pass The Tool Box

Sometimes old traditional games can still be a favorite and this game is still one of my top construction party games. Sit the kids in a circle put on some music and get them to pass round a tool box which you have filled with candy. When the music stops whoever is left holding the box, gets to choose a candy.

Musical Trucks

Give each child a truck (cardboard box) that is big enough for them to sit or stand in. Place the boxes in a circle and put on the music. Have them run round the circle and when the music stops they have to rush to get into a truck. Last person to get into a truck is out.

Alternatively, you could have one less truck than children so the child who doesn't manage to get into a truck is out. I do find that the little ones can get quite upset playing it this way so you decide which is best for the kids you have invited.


These are a few construction party games, now take a look at some construction activities.


Construction party kids need to be kept busy from time to time so check out some of my activity ideas below:

Wheel Tracks

Get hold of some cheap construction vehicles that you don't mind getting dirty plus some large sheets of drawing paper. Make up bowls of water based paint and get the kids to dip the wheels of the vehicles in the paint and then roll them over the paper to make different colored tracks.

Paint Your Truck

Using wooden trucks, arm them with paintbrushes and paints and let them customise their own truck. Do this early on so that they have time to dry before they take them home.

Tool Boxes

In advance collect enough shoe boxes (one for each child). Ask at your local kids shoe shop as they always have empty ones that are to be thrown out. Spray paint them in various colors and then get the kids to customise them with stickers. You can use them later as favor boxes or to put their painted truck in (see above).

Landscape Gardener

Give each child a plain terracotta flower pot and let them decorate it with paints. When dry, everyone goes outside digs the soil and fills their pot followed by a flower seed or mini shrub. These can be taken home later.

House Painting

No house is complete without a lick of paint. Get one or two large cardboard boxes and cut out holes for windows and doors. Put up a sign saying "Workmen's Den" and tell the kids it needs painting before they can use it. You'll end up with a multi colored den but who cares!