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A drama party birthday theme is best suited to the slightly older child (say 9 years and up), as young children easily loose the plot (excuse the pun). And I find that girls tend to enjoy the party more but then it all depends on the script.....


I know this sort of birthday party theme is not for everyone but it'll let you judge whether you think this party would work for your child's birthday party.

The idea of this party is that the kids prepare and put on a show and invite their family to the premier. The majority of the party time is taken with the kids doing the following :

  • Preparing their lines
  • Rehearsing their parts
  • Sorting out costumes and
  • Setting the stage.

Arrange a set time for their family to come and then the kids can perform their drama party show. OK so let's get going as it's nearly show time.


Choosing the play and the script is perhaps the hardest bit. A lot depends on time, number of kids and what sort of personalities they have.

You could go for something simple and familiar such as "Little Red Riding Hood" or perhaps they could enact a scene from "Glee" or they could just make something up or each perform small acts or skits.

If you are choosing the play,  let them know in advance what it is and what their roles might be so they can plan and practice. However don't make it too complicated and don't make it sound stressful. This is meant to be FUN!


Roll out the red carpet as it's show time!
Starring in her X (age) birthday premier,
X (party host) invites you to a spectacle of fun and laughter 
Meet at the theater: (address)
Opening Night:


  • Theater Tickets
    Make the drama party invitations look like theater tickets and place in red envelopes
  • FAN-tastic Invites
    Fold the invitations into a fan shape and tie the bottom with a tasselled cord so that they resemble a fan.
  • Theater Curtains
    Using colored craft paper, cut out a rectangular shape. With the widest edges of the paper lying horizontally, fold the shorter edges into the middle so they resemble a pair of curtains. Glue gold braiding along the lower edge of the curtains. Write the party information on the inside using a gold marker pen. Also place inside some homemade tickets for the guests to give to their family
  • Red Carpet Invites
    Cut long strips of red craft paper and write on the drama party details. Roll up and tie with gold braiding.


With your invites include a VIP Party Pass. You can make your own or buy them here.


Finding and choosing costumes is one of my favorite bits.

Scour second-hand shops and thrift stores for drama party clothes. Accessories such as scarves, hats and jewelry can go a long way in jazzing up a simple outfit. Ask older relatives if they have any old classical outfits and search the backs of your wardrobes – you will be amazed what you can find ;).



  • Lay a red carpet off-cut or a length of red material up the steps to your front door.
  • Place a Vip Stage Entrance Door Cover on your door and screen off the party area with this Hollywood Party Tape Set
  • Create a stars walk of fame by cutting out large stars from yellow craft paper and scotch tape to the floor. As the kids arrive, get them to sign their autograph on a star.
  • Put up entrance and exit signs in the party room and silhouetted figures on the bathroom door. Place long length curtains at the entrance to the theater room.
  • If possible, use two rooms. One for the dressing room and one as the theater. Put makeup tables in the dressing room along with clothes rails and long mirrors. Clear furniture from the theater room and set up rows of chairs. Hang long curtains along the back wall where the stage will be.
  • Create a stage. Most people won't have a stage in the attic! So just chalk off the area and maybe lay some colored fairy lights round the edge. Only put the lights down at the last minute when the performance is about to start.
  • Every stage needs lights so grab all those spot lights and torches that are hanging around the house and suspend them in corners of the room. Place colored fireproof cellophane on some lights for a more dramatic effect.
  • Set up a directors chair and make a clapper board. Make sure that you have printed enough scripts for each child – it's too complicated to share!
  • Watch our for paparazzi Get your camera ready and have a camcorder set up on a tripod. All budding actors and actresses like to see themselves on screen.


To be honest you may find that all your budding acting stars are so busy getting ready for the show that you won't have time to do much else. However if you feel you will have time, then have some alternative drama party activities prepared.


  • Makeover
    This can be part of their makeup preparations. Have lots of makeup, face paints and hair accessories at the ready and enlist the help of a willing parent.
  • Scene Artist
    Buy rolls of cheap wall lining paper and get the kids to paint and decorate the set. Blue Tak it to the wall or if you are a dab hand at DIY, make a large wooden frame and staple the painted set to it.
  • Awards Ceremony
    At the end of the show, present trophies or small glass ornaments to all the stars. Present the awards for specific achievements in their individual roles rather than as 'Best actress' etc as that might upset some kids.
  • Walk of Fame
    Using the stars that the kids autographed when they arrived, place them around the room at random. The kids have to dance to some music and when the music stops, you shout out a stars name. The kids all have to rush to the star and the last one there is out of the game.
  • Glitzy Shades
    Buy cheap but glamorous looking sunglasses – one for each guest. Let the kids decorate them using glitter glue, puffy paints and rhinestones.
  • Guess the Movie
    Play segments of popular songs from famous movies and get the kids to guess the movie. Give points for the correct movie and extra points for naming the song title. Play in teams as it is more fun and easier for the kids.


Fill popcorn boxes, small top hats or silk cloth bags with goodies such as:

  • Disposable camera
  • Scarves and bow-ties
  • Makeup and jewelry
  • Theater masks and fans
  • Small theater binoculars
  • Music tape from a classical movie
  • Notepad and pen