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These rubber duck party games for preschool kids are simple, easy to prepare and fun.



These games also go perfectly with my DUCK PARTY THEME where you'll find fun ideas for duck party food, decorations and activities.

Take your pick from the birthday party games below and let's get ready for a quacking good time.


Rubber Duck Party Trail

Lay a trail of paper duck feet and the kids have to follow it and it will lead them to a surprise.


Where's Ducky?

Hide a duck somewhere in the party room and see who can be the first to spot it.

Let's Go Fishing!

This is always popular. Beforehand buy some cheap plastic ducks and twist a pipe cleaner round each neck and shape it so that there is a small loop. Put the ducks in a paddling pool – if it's a cold day have the pool indoors and instead of water lay strips of blue paper on the bottom of the pool. Give each child a small bucket and a fishing rod (made out of a piece of dowel, string and a large mug hook), and see who can catch the most ducks.

Musical Ducks

The kids are ducks and dance round the room to music. When the music stops, they have to quickly find a nest (cushion) to sit on. The last one to find a nest gets to help you with the music.

Pass The Duck Egg

In advance prepare a parcel made out of layers of newspaper. Try and make it a round-ish shape so that it resembles a large egg. As you add the paper layers, insert a small toy or sweet and in the very center have the 'Grand Prize'. Sit the kids in a circle and put on the music. They then pass the 'egg' round the circle from child to child. When the music stops, the child holding the egg, gets to take off one layer of paper and gets to keep the treat as well.

Pin The Beak On Ducky

Draw a simple duck on a large piece of craft paper, but omit the beak. Make the beak separately out of strong orange card and attach a bit of blue-tack to the back. Stick the duck picture to the wall. Blindfold a child (some kids don't like this so you could ask them to just close their eyes) and see if they can put the beak in the right place on the duck. You might find the blu-tack needs a bit or pressure to get it to stick so you'll probably have to help the kids here.

Catch A Duck

This is one of those duck party games for a hot day and it causes a lot of laughter. Get an adult or older sibling to dress up as a duck and have the kids try and catch him. When they do, then must then lead the duck to a paddling pool and the duck must jump in and splash about.