Grass Head Craft

Fun Grass Head Craft. Step by step instructions.

Kids get a real kick out of this grass head craft. It is fun, educational and the kids love seeing the results of something that they have grown and nurtured.  

It is a very simple kids party craft and makes a great present to take home after the birthday party. You can buy grass head kits but in fact they are really easy to make yourself.

Skill: Easy

What you Need for your Grass Head Craft

  • Packet of grass seed
  • Pantyhose/tights
  • Potting soil or fine saw dust
  • Empty yogurt pots
  • Stick on eyes and felt scraps
  • Glue

Grass Head Craft - How to Make

  1. Cut off about a 6 inch length of one leg of the pantyhose/tights. You want to use the bit that has the foot on it.
  2. Fill the cut off leg with a dessert spoon of grass seed and then top with a couple of tablespoons of potting soil or fine sawdust. 
  3. Knot the open end making a fairly tight ball and also making sure that you leave a little tail in the knot. You could also twist and tie off one section to make a nose.
  4. Turn the grass head over so that the knot is on the bottom and then sit it in the yogurt pot. It should be sticking out rather like a boiled egg in a cup.
  5. Have the kids decorate the grass head with stick-on eyes and felt scraps.
  6. Once the grass head is decorated, take it out of the yogurt pot and half fill the  pot with water and sand. Put the Grass Head back in the pot so that the knotted tail is inserted in the wet sand. The tail will then suck up the water and feed the grass seed. Also drizzle on a little water on top of the grass head just to get the grass seeds nice and moist.
  7. Let the kids take their grass craft home and after about a week they should see some hair (grass) growing. It will take another week or two to see a full head of 'hair', after which they can then trim or style to their hearts content. 

Tip: You need to top up the pot with water every couple of days so as to not let it dry out. If the head looks dry, also drizzle some water on the top of the grass head.

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