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Welcome to my 'shopping list' of tantalizing kid's cooking party games.

If you are planning to pair these games up with a theme, then I've got a a bowl full of fun ideas for decorations, invitations, activities and more to go with my Kid's Cooking Theme.




This is one of those fun kid's cooking party games that will test their sense of taste and smell.

In advance place a selection of sauces and spices in little cups. Sit the kids in a circle and blindfold them or just get them to shut their eyes.

Pass round one cup at a time and the kids have to guess what it is and then write it on a piece of paper.

The person with the most correct answers is awarded the "Kids cooking Taster of the Day" award.


Tie donuts (the type with the hole in the middle) onto a clothesline with string and make sure they are about level with the kids head.

Each child stands in front of a donut and on the whistle they have to try and eat it as fast as possible, no hands allowed! This is a sticky game so have some wet cloths at the ready.



Have everyone stand in a circle and put on some music. Give one child a ball (hot potato) who then throws it to another player.

If the music stops and you are holding the hot potato  then you lose a life (each player has 3 lives). If you drop or miss catching the hot potato when it is being thrown to you then you also lose a life.

It can be difficult to remember how many lives each person has lost so a fun thing to do is to stick a small dot on the persons cheek every time they lost a life. 3 dots and you are out of the game.


Split the kids into two teams and give each team a large bucket of popcorn and a ladle.

A few meters away from each team, place an empty bucket.

On the whistle each member of the team has to fill his/her ladle with popcorn, run up to the empty bucket and deposit the popcorn.

He then runs back to his team and someone else has a go. Set a timer and when the time is up see which team has transferred the most popcorn.

If you are not sure, you can always weight the popcorn on some kitchen scales rather than counting each individual piece!.


This is one of my top kid's cooking party games but it does take a little advance preparation.

Make recipe cards (one for each child) and write a list of cooking utensils on it with a little tick box next to each item.

Hide the items around the house or garden making sure you have enough of each item for each child (i.e. six wooden spoons for six children and so on).

Issue each child with a recipe card and a plastic bucket or cooking bowl and they then have to scamper around and find all the items on their list.

First one to complete the task is the champion scavenger.


TIP: If you don't have enough of each individual item, just make some out of strong craft card or cut pictures out of a cookery magazine and stick to card.



Sit the kids in a large circle and in the center place a plate of small chocolates (Smarties or M&M's are perfect) and a pair of cooking gloves.

Give one child a large dice and on the word 'GO', the dice is thrown and passed round until one child gets a six.

He/she then has to rush to the center of the circle, place on the cooking gloves and try to pick up a chocolate and  then eat it.

The child in the middle carries on eating as many as he/she can whilst the dice is still being thrown by the other players. When the next person throws a six they swap places and so on.


All chef's need to know how to lay the table and this is one of those kid's cooking party games which is all about being quick but tidy.

Divide into teams and provide each team with a basket containing all the utensils for a dinner party (tablecloth, cutlery, napkins and of course a table and chairs!) plus a picture of how you would like the cutlery and napkins to be laid out.

On the word 'GO', each team has to rush and lay their table, fold their napkins, arrange the cutlery and all within a time limit. Once done they have to all sit down.

You will then have to judge who has done the neatest job in the quickest time. This will also be a good moment for the kids to eat!


This is a  kid's cooking party games rather like the game Beetle Drive.

Have the kids sit in a circle and in the center of the circle you have a selection of table items: cutlery (knives, forks, spoons), plates, cups.

Each item is assigned a number, so for instance:

Knife = 1
Fork = 2
Spoon = 3
Plate = 4
Cup = 5
Start Again = 6

The kids take it in turns to roll the dice with the aim of rolling the number of each item.

However they must not roll a 6 and if they do they have to return all their items and start again.


This is one of those kid's cooking party games that get the kids all competitive, but in a fun way.

Split the kids into teams. Each team starts off with a small tray and a basket of cooking utensils such a jug, wooden spoon, whisk, bowl and so on. Make sure that each team has the same items.  At the far end of the room or playing area, also have an empty basket for each team.

On the blow of the whistle, the first person in each team quickly places an item on their tray and must then run/walk as quickly as possible to their empty basket.

They then place the item in their basket and run back to their team mates and then the second player has a go.

The first team to transfer all their utensils wins.  If someone drops an item, they must take it back to the start and begin again.


As you may have guessed, I love having a pinata. It is a great game for all ages, adults too and is a real excitement factor at any special event.

You could Make Your Own Pinata.