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Have a kid's mystery party and let them be detectives. Fun party ideas for a mystery party theme the kids will love.


This is one of my favorite creative party theme ideas. The kids just love the element of surprise and of being super sleuths. What's more it is great for kids of all ages right up from ages 7 to teens and for boys and girls.

OK let's get those super sleuths pumped up with this kid's mystery party theme.


  • Write the mystery party invitations on stiff card. Cut into pieces and place in an envelope. The kids have to piece the bits together to find the party directions.
  • Prepare the party invitations and cut up into sections. Send out sections over a period of days so that the kids have to keep on guessing. For example:
    Day 1: The date
    Day 2: The time
    Day 3: The place
    Day 4: Who has invited them.
  • Write the kid's mystery party invites in code. Place in an envelope marked "Top Secret". Let the kids try and crack the code and then send out the code breaker a few days later.
  • Make a large template of a magnifying glass. Make copies on strong craft paper and write the party instructions on the glass.
  • Cut out letters and words from old newspaper and magazines. Use these to create the party invites.
  • Alternatively you could buy some ready made mystery invitations.


  • Make an extra large magnifying glass from some strong card and hang it on your gate or door to welcome the guests to the kid's mystery party.
  • Have a special welcome for the birthday kid with a impressive personalised spy banner
  • Make large footprints out of black card and leave a trail from your gate to your front door.
  • Make the room a bit dark and eerie. Dim the lights, put wanted posters around the room and cut-outs of handcuffs, magnifying glasses and messages in secret codes.
  • Make a jail in one corner using an old chair surrounded on a wooden platform. You can use this for the Polaroid shots activity.
  • Get some crime scene tape and tie it across the doorway to the party room. Put up a sign saying, "Only Mystery Personnel may enter".
  • Decorate the table with a large disposable paper cloth and write on it mystery messages with big question marks.


  • Mystery Cake
    Make a cake in the shape of a question mark or alternatively make a magnifying glass cake. This is quite simple if you make one 7" round cake and one oblong cake which can be placed together and then iced in black and white.
  • Code cupcakes
    Make cupcakes and ice them with words in Morse code.
  • Riddle cookies
    Make cookies and insert a riddle rather like fortune cookies.
  • Footprint cookies
    Make cookies using a foot template
  • Mystery juice
    Make a fruit cocktail using a blender/juicer and get the kids to guess what is in it.


Suspect sketch
Divide into pairs and issue each child with a pencil and paper. Have each pair sketch each other but without letting anyone else see. Write their name on the back along with which suspect they sketched. Attach the pictures to the wall and let the guests try and guess who is who. Give prizes for guessing the correct sketch and prizes to the artists if someone correctly guesses their sketch.


Dig out all your old makeup and let the kids disguise each other with bushy eyebrows, moles, spots…. Have lots of makeup remover to hand!


Police At The Door
Invite a real policeman to the party as a surprise and get him/her to talk about his police work or methods that they use to solve crimes such as fingerprinting.


Hire an Entertainer
How about inviting a mystery guest such as a magician or illusionist.


For a whole treasure trove of secret sleuth games such as:
Suspect Sketch,
Super Sleuth Vision

Police Vision............CLICK HERE!

Little girl with magnifying glass in hand. Sitting at desk in front of blackboard. Magnifying her's eye. Looking at camera. Front view


Place kid's mystery party favors in a plain brown paper bag stamped with "Top Secret". How about :

  • Notepad and pen
  • Mini magnifying glasses
  • Disguise props such as false beards and goofy glasses
  • Hand cuffs
  • Sun glasses
  • Water pistols
  • Puzzle comics
  • Disguise kit
  • Code deciphering books