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Boil and bubble, here comes trouble, in this mad science party theme

All kids love to experiment and it is all part of growing up. What better way to do it than with a mad science party that will have them tasting, smelling and concocting a lab full of fun.

This is a kids party theme that will thrill and delight all those budding scientists out there.



Your invitations could go something like this:


Scientist X is inviting you to a wonderfully, wacky science party filled with crazy chemicals and explosive experiments.

Place: X Laboratory, address
Experiments begin on/at : date/time
RSVP to Professor of Mad Science


Invisible Invites
Write the Mad Science Party details on white card and using a white crayon.

Get the kids to color over the invite with a colored crayon or water based paint to reveal the message.


Lab Coat Invites
Using white card, make the invites in the shape of a white lab coat.

Write on the instructions and then stick another lab coat on top, but just gluing it at the shoulders.

On the top lab coat write the name of the child and smudge colored paint all over it.


Test Tube Invites
Roll up the invite and pop it inside a large test tube and stick a hazard warning sticker on the outside


  • Buy some men's white shirts at a thrift store and use as lab coats. Write scientist names on the top pocket. e.g. Professor Pete, Dr. David, Mad Mark, Freddy Frankenstein.
  • If you can get hold of passport sized photos of the kids in advance, doctor them a bit by drawing on glasses and spiky hair. Glue them to some card and write their names underneath. These can then be handed out as their ID badges when the arrive. If you can't get photos, just draw or print off some cartoon faces.
  • Give out some goofy glasses or these MULTI COLORED LAB SAFETY GLASSES to the kids as they arrive. No scientist should be without them!
  • Create mad hair. Spray washable colored hair spray on their hair and get it to stick up using hair gel or hair spray. Take Polaroid pictures of the kids and give them as take home gifts.
  • Get an adult to dress up as a mad scientist and s/he can talk the kids through the experiments.


I would suggest making one room/area into the Mad Science Party laboratory.

It is much easier to decorate and will help contain the mess.

You will need a table or two to set the Mad Science Party experiments on and lots of space so that the kids can all join in.

Also make sure to have lots of paper towels to hand to wipe up spills.


  • On the entrance to your house put up some CAUTION PARTY TAPE and a notice warning that only scientists may enter the "Secret Science Lab Zone".
  • Fill lots of different shaped jars with colored water and rubber body parts and dot around the table.
  • If you can get hold of a dry ice machine or a MIST MAKING MACHINE, this can make a stunning table center piece.
  • Use a colored globe light to give the room an eerie appearance or just place colored light bulbs in your ordinary lamps.
  • Using black construction paper, cut out large question marks, magnifying glasses and mathematical formulas. Stick these around the room.
  • Set up a large chalk board and write on it the 'recipes' for the Mad Science Party experiments that you are going to do.
  • Stick up posters of famous scientists around the room with a small caption underneath of why they are famous.


  • Mini Molecules
    Before the party, take very close up pictures of everyday items, give the kids magnifying glasses and see if they can guess what they are.
  • Scientist Anagrams
    Muddle up the names of scientists and get the kids to work them out.
  • Treasure Hunt
    Send the kids on a treasure hunt. Make the clues slightly cryptic by using mathematical formulas and scientific words which are appropriate for their age e.g.     * 40+5-2 is the number of steps forward before your next clue
    * Your next clue is where you might find H2O in the yard
    * What did Alexandra Graham Bell invent?
  • Try incorporating these puzzle and cipher ideas into your treasure hunt. They're intended to be used in an escape room game (which would make another awesome mad science game!), but they could work equally well in a regular treasure hunt.
  • Burst the Atoms
    Blow up two balloons (atoms) for each guest and tie one to each of their ankles. Let the mayhem begin as the mad scientist race round the room trying to burst each others atoms but at the same time trying to preserve their own. The scientist who manages to preserve the last atom is the winner.


Serve the food in glass bowls and give them names such as 'Electronic Chips', 'Bubble Brew', 'Magnetic Munchies'.


  • Cool Drinks
    Serve different colored drinks in clear cups or science beakers and use whirly straws.
  • Volcano Cake
    Make a volcano cake by baking a simple cake. Bake it in a pudding basin. When cool drizzle with red and orange frosting.
  • Brain Jelly
    If you want the kids to jiggle with delight, make some blobby, wobbly jelly using this brain jelly mold.
  • Food Molecule Chains
    Make food molecule chains using small round fruits such as berries, melon (make small balls with a melon scoop) and grapes. You could also add mini marshmallows or jelly beans. Get the kids to make their own molecule chain by piercing a fruit with a cocktail stick, then to that same fruit they add another stick with a fruit on, and so on.
  • Scientist Cupcakes
    Make cupcakes and ice them. The using piping icing, write on the initials of the kids using scientific lettering. So for example Sam Cooper would be written as 'Sc' and Peter Harper would be 'Ph'.
  • Sugared Mice
    One of my favorites as a child but not so easy to find these days.
  • Bacteria jelly!
    Fill a petri dish with colored jelly and then place a gummy worm on top and leave the jelly to set.


Science favors could include:

  • Pocket Volcano
  • Magnets
  • Magnifying glasses
  • Light up objects and glow in the dark objects
  • Colored hair gel
  • Space pens, note pads, clip boards
  • Bouncing putty and pots of goo